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Coursework survey on seaford sea defences


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Hello! My name is Galia and I am a student from Woodhouse College in London. I am here to do some research on the coastal defences and their impacts in order to be able to complete my geography A-level coursework. 

If you have some time, could you please answer the following couple of questions and send your replies back to me by email- all the data collected from the responses would be seen only by me and my teachers and then deleted once it has been viewed, everything is confidential and anonymous .          

Please email back on: [email protected]

Thank you for your time and responses :) 


  1. Are you a resident of Seaford?  Yes/No 

  2. How has the coastal management here affected your livelihood in general? (If It has had any impact.)  

  3. How happy are you with the current defences and why?

  4. If there were no defences from the wave erosion, what would be at risk for you personally?

  5. How often do you use the beach?

  6. Have you had/ been involved in any conflict caused due to the coastal management schemes here at Seaford? (If so, why?) 

  7. Have you noticed any changes (positive or negative) impacts on the local environment due to the coastal defences? 

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