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Anyone else do Hatch surveys ?


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I  did a Remish   survey with them ,done a couple of them now ,not bad ,so since I did them a couple times ,when another opportunity  to do one popped up ,I said sure ,well now this time I did the survey back on 8/3  typical payout is 2-3  weeks  and ,again did a couple in the past and no problem .This one  well I waited the 2-3 weeks , and then contacted them ,got a reply  a few days later saying they were behind and would probably be sent out within 2 weeks . So though not happy about it ,I waited the 2 weeks ,so I contacted them again ,now the reply is well we  will check into it and when we have an answer we will get back to you . In the meantime since of  course I did not know they were not sending out  the payments  ,I did several more ,I asked about that but it was  just well we will look into it . No idea why this is happening ,technically for all of August they owe me 85 in amazon credit .they only paid me once for 8/4  for 4  all of the  rest I am waiting on payment . I wish I knew why this happened ,these replies seem generic now .

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