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Anybody belong to dscout?


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On another post I did, somebody just posted that she made $2,000 last year on dscout.  I looked it up, and it sounds like it is an app you have to download.  I am not really big on apps.  Has anybody else here worked with them?  $2,000 sounds like a lot of money.  Maybe this person has better demographics than I do.  She is now making $5 a survey working on smaller surveys.  How many surveys pay $5?

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2 hours ago, NFriday said:

Nobody else belongs to Dscout?  I see there are no reviews for them on survey police.

Never heard of them

Don't download apps either

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I saw this thread joined. Dscout is a "context" research platform of independent researchers and a pool of teaming minions waiting for the next experiment. I haven't participated in any activity yet, so I'm not sure of the types of activity or the yield for Dscout. However, they look professionally polished. News at 11.

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