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I'd like to contact Media Predict Inc. by telephone. It's not provided in its website (see attachment).  Do you have its tel. #? 


Enrique Vanegas


Media Predict3.png

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Thank you Dawn. Is there anyway I can get Media Predict's tel #? Company is located in Stamford, Connecticut. Emails are not being answered. Grateful for your suggestion

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I took a look at their website, and apparently they are a predictor for the Oscars, and how much movies are going to gross and similar things.  Apparently you can sign up to be a predictor, and if you are right, you earn some money.  I don't know how much you can make, but some people here might be interested.  For some reason when I tried to sign up for this, I got redirected to the knitting factory website, even though it also mentioned media predict on the website page.

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