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Survey Panel's Personal Response to Panelists' Posts Here


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I have noticed over the years here, especially in the reviews, that a survey company (often Point Club) will add a response to a review or complaint. Many companies will do that, like thanking a poster using their first name that they provided. But when Point Club responds to a comment or complaint with "we checked your account, and the reason..." or something like that, how do they know the identity of the person they are responding to?

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Hi dimefynder,

When survey panels respond to reviews, they are not given any additional user information than what's supplied in a public review. That can be enough to identify a panelist (though not always).

For example, let's say that 'Rick from United States' has left a negative review for a panel. The survey panel will do a membership search for members named Rick who are from the United States and will try to identify the user based on what they've said in their review. If Rick stated that he was having difficulty reaching the minimum cashout threshold, there is a good chance they could identify the member based on a few additional searches on users named Rick in their database (ex. Ricks who are active members, Ricks who have attempted but fail to qualify for surveys, Ricks who have a balance in their account that's just shy of the minimum rewards threshold, etc.).

If a survey panel can't identify the user based on a series of queries, they will often leave a generic reply suggesting that the user contact them directly in order to resolve the issue. This is especially true for panels with millions of members.

Finally, some panels won't bother with a membership lookups at all and will simply address a reviewer's review with general/generic information about their panel's rules, policies, etc. when constructing their reply.

In any case, that's all to say that rest assured, SurveyPolice does not pass on any additional information whatsoever to survey panels about reviewers.

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