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I love Eureka Surveys. Cash out after $10.00. Variety of gift cards, including PayPal. Cashed out 2 online VISA cards and Dominos. Cards showed up in 5 minutes. Pin for 1 card showed up after that,within 2 minutes. You get notified when there are new surveys. If you don't qualify, you still get 2 cents. Don't laugh. It adds up. Surveys pay a variety of amounts depending on the length of the survey. Customer service. Friendly and helpful. Get back to you right away. I thought I did something wrong, one time, because all my surveys showed up as locked.  Customer service explained that it was a security feature. You click the link they provide you and instantly receive a magic link to unlock the surveys. Trying to keep emails security. I never had a survey company pay so fast. Also there is a list of charities, if you want to donate your earnings that way. Never used PayPal with them but I am sure that based on the other payments I received, there is no problem. Give them a try. You will be glad you did!!

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