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Meeting other Survey Panelists in the Wild is exciting


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One every other year or two I casually encounter another individual that does heavy duty surveys and i get a little excited to hear they're active. I kinda make it a point to find other practicing panelists. I mostly meet jaded ignorance. Meaning, the person tried some of those sucker mobile panels and got nothing or burned. They believe that all survey panels are shams, its just most are. I offer to send an email with a curation of good surveys. Good survey panels don't typically sucker punch you, if you're not trying to pull some crap on them. I even created a presentation on how to do and not do surveys, they don't want to hear it. The only takers for some of the alternate funds activities I partake in are amazon code discounts and class action suits. I wonder if there are even couples that do surveys for fun and profit?


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