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Life Point is offering a chance for you to donate your points to the Red Cross in the Ukraine


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Hi- I got an email from Life Point recently that if if you offer to donate your points to the Red Cross in the Ukraine, they will match them.  I don't know if that means they will send them Amazon GC or money via Pay Pal or what they will do.  I don't have enough points to redeem for anything worth it.  I could maybe redeem for a $5 Amazon GC.  On CNN last night they were interviewing a guy who hired a Ukrainian woman to be a surrogate provider, and he now has a two year old boy thanks to her.  To pay her back, he has temporarily moved to the Ukraine, and he has been renting a Airbnb in the Ukraine to house refuges.  He houses them for mostly one night or until they are able to get on a train.  A few days ago he housed a family of 15.  He has a website where he is trying to raise money to pay for this.

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I have not seen that. FOX has donated a million to the Red Cross and puts the link for the Red Cross on the TV.  It is hard to watch and I believe they are such strong people trying to protect their people and homes.

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