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Junk mail harvesting scam: IT'S in the MAIL Panel


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For several years, I've been participating with a company that wants junk mail, "IT'S in the Mail".

Other companies have done this, using the same format and scam "reward" system.

Every couple of months an envelope arrives with four large with four large tyvek postpaid return envelopes.

There are sorting instructions and a weeks worth of flyers are sent back. 

The participants are rewarded with a chance to gamble, entry into a seemingly valuable gift card lottery.

Since "IT'S in the MAIL Panel" never discloses how many entrants there, it's hard to tell.

I'll have to request the lottery statistics by mail, which is anachronistic in the digital information era. I hope they don't send punch cards.

However, they award less than a thousand dollars to "winners" each drawing. 

I imagine there are thousands of people doing this, so the cost per person is probably close to what third world garment workers make piecemeal.


"IT'S in the MAIL" Also claims to be a survey panel. However, surveys are very sparse, at best I get one email invitation a year, and never any on the panelist dashboard. My so called rewards are stranded below an unattainable payout threshold.


So, I don't recommend this type of activity. Confusing rewards with gambling, anemic support, no surveys and how poorly this company regards their members.

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