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Limited Time Only Opportunity from Survey Police


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Received an email a two days ago which stated: "Do you love TV and entertainment? TV Fan Forum is looking for people who are interested in expressing their opinions on TV shows, genres, actors/actresses, and more!" 

Well, I jumped on this because I watch TV 24/7. None of the links worked. So I emailed a really snippy complaint. I received a reply almost immediately about my email and said to try again. I apologized because I was so upset that nothing worked and I didn't want to lose out on this opportunity. So I tried again today from the link. First I tried the TV Fan Forum link. I got "many stores," loaded with different stores in deuschland (spelling) to buy things. Evidently,  that's not a TV Forum Panel...so my question is where is this panel or is this fake? I looked over the forum here and the new opportunities and Top Sites. Found nothing on it.The sender's address was [email protected] so I felt it wasn't a scam. Anyone else get this email?  

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For reference, the original link in question was: https://wel1w.rdtk.io/624b69f7facf5e00018bbf85 which is now redirecting to an expired offer page, as unfortunately the limited spots available for TV Fan Forum have been filled.

We will update this post if the panel looks for new members available again (could potentially be as soon as next month).

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