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I've been taking Toluna surveys for over a decade. I have never had any issues until the last couple of months. The following happens roughly 85% of the time. Please note that I have an iMac, an Apple iPad Air & a Apple smartphone. This problem happens no matter which device I am using, AND, IT DOES NOT matter which browser I am using:

I receive a survey invitation, I click on "begin". A black progress bar appears and starts from left to right. If it turns blue in continuing from left to right, I am automatically connected to surveys. If it DOES NOT change to blue, in other words it remains black, I am automatically transferred to the outgoing summary page with the message "Hmmm, lets try that again." On the outgoing page, there is an option to take other surveys, but the same thing will happen, i.e., only the black progress bar.

I have complained to Toluna, but they continue to send me the same form letter reply:  "Clear your history & cookies, unplug your modem for 15 seconds, check the IP verification, etc etc etc. Well I have done all of that numerous times, and nothing has changed. The IP score is zero, which is is optimal.

I have posted this issue on the Toluna opinion page, and another person said they are having the same problem, but Toluna continues to send him/her the same pat answer.

You would think they would care a little more for someone who has been with them a long time, but, I guess not.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.  Thank you.

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I have an Apple Ipad and typically use their default browser, Safari. If I'm experiencing problems on Safari, which seldom happens, I try Chrome or Firefox. It seems that Chrome works best for pretty much everything, so that's the first one I try after Safari. Then I try Firefox. As a last resort, sometimes (rarely) I'll try Edge. But if this is happening to you on multiple browsers, then I'd say it's Toluna's problem, not yours. They are a terrible survey site, and don't care about their survey takers. I dumped them some time ago, because I was wasting my time on surveys for very few points, lots of glitches, and much wasted time. Survey sites actually don't like people who have been with them a long time. Survey sites do not reward loyalty, they discourage it. So being a member for 10 years doesn't mean squat to them. 

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