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Having problems with Google Chrome


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Hi- I read most of my email in Google Chrome, because it is more reliable than Microsoft Edge.  I always have problems with Microsoft Edge crashing, even though I get rewards from Microsoft for using it.  I have had problems with Chrome though lately where 75% of the time when I open up an email, and it has a link, I click on the link, and Chrome tells me it is not safe to go there.  For instance, I got am email today from Best Buy about their Black Friday deals, and it gave me a link to click on to find out what the deals are.  When I clicked on the link, Chrome would not let me go there.  It says something about how I cannot search privately, and people could see what I was posting, and so I am not allowed to go there.  What can I do about this other than just using Microsoft Edge to look at my emails?

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