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Valued Opinions has a $3 New Years bonus


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Hi- I got an email from Valued Opinion that you receive a $3 bonus if you complete three surveys within the next 14 days.  I just did three surveys, and made a total of $7.50, including the bonus, but it took me 1 1/2 hours to go through all of the surveys they had, and complete three of them.  I had a few surveys that I spent 10 minutes on before they decided I was not eligible, and there were a few surveys that I got disconnected from, including a Pops Rewards survey, which told me to refresh my screen.  I did not know how to do that, and plus the survey only pays $.25 anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised that when I decided to cash out some of my account for an Amazon GC, I got the gift card a few minutes later.  They used to send you a code, which you had to enter to get the GC, but apparently, they do not do that anymore. They only let me cash out for a $20 GC though.  I am not sure when I can redeem another GC. 

They have a new verification program called VERIFF that some people have to go through now.  You have to email them a copy of your ID and a photo of yourself.  They are doing this so people cannot clean out your account.  They erase your ID and photo after seven days though.  I did not have to do this though.  They also have a virtual person you talk to now if you have a problem.



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