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Good website already indeed!

Maybe having more distinct main categories for:

- Online surveys

- focus group

- product testing

- Mystery shopper


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I wish there was a way to name every survey site and then it would tell us about each one .

I would like to see this feature on the forum section. A separate forum for each company. It would aggregate everyone's experiences--good or bad--in one place. That way before we join a panel, we could read everyone's comments about their survey experiences in more detail than allowed for in the rankings section. And I think it would be easier for forum users to find current information about each particular company.

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1. From time to time Survey sites become obsolete or non user friendly. I still see sites on here in your list that have not been removed even though they don't exist anymore.

Could you please update the list of Survey Police verifiable sites.

2. I've also noticed that rankings haven't changed much. It would be better if Survey Police had their survey site ranking next to member rankings based on consistent complaints of members and also consistent positive experiences, because anyone from those companies could be attending these forums and posting positive things about their company. This would cause more accurate information to be listed.


Could you please possibly give a list of sites that are partner sites so that we don't get kicked out of survey companies we use due to starting a membership with a partner rather than a competitor? Eg: Opinion Outpost and Opinion Place? Or Survey Head and another site that they own?

Lastly I want to thank you for your guidance and support. I have used the valuable information in these forums to promote a better survey taking experience.

I also appreciate that from the members and posters.

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