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am actually knew to these surveys sites .,. i decided to join because am highly in need of money..am a student and studying clinical medicine .. i wanted to study surgery but because of money i could`nt ,, i did a part time job just to raise a few dolars ... am still in my first  year and am running out of funds... can someone help to what survey i should take ... am afraid wat will happen in my second year i find any source of income..please help

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Hi, I am new to the forum from India name is chandhu

I hope you enjoy our community and find it to be an important resource in your survey taking endeavors. Please go through the following list BEFORE posting outside of the Survey Takers Lounge. 1. R


Hi I'm Stuart from the US.  Survey sites are a hobby of mine.  I need your help guys.  The survey site "Swagbucks" is the first site I joined up on and I loved it.  Been with them almost a year a they deactivated my account.  Yes they have faults...but never not gotten paid.  Can you please make some recommendations for me.  Very knowledgeable about survey sites....I cannot find anything as close as to what Swagbucks paid out.  They deactivated the 30 people I signed up as well....Anyway it's not all about the money...but I'll take any feedback on a great site to join.  Look forward to chatting.



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