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Hi, I am new to the forum from India name is chandhu

I hope you enjoy our community and find it to be an important resource in your survey taking endeavors. Please go through the following list BEFORE posting outside of the Survey Takers Lounge. 1. R



My name is Christine and I am new to this site. Best one out there on the subject.

I did surveys many years ago but stopped due to time constants. I am now retired and found myself vegging and watching TV in January and February and decided time to take some sort of action. Have giving up Facebook for the most part. Waste of time. So, I started doing surveys again and found this site.

I have a question though. If you are diligent like me and retired, how much can you expect to make a month. That would include all types of items. Gift cards etc. Just treat them as money.

I tried to look for topics concerning this but found none. Of course, I realize one will not get rich but, if one is earnest what do you think? Looking for all answers please.

I have all day everyday to enter.


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Welcome to Survey Police Maddashin. :D

I have a question though. If you are diligent like me and retired, how much can you expect to make a month. That would include all types of items. Gift cards etc. Just treat them as money.

It's probably going to vary. Some days I get lucky and will make $10, $15 or maybe even $20 with very little effort (doesn't happen often) but then other days I feel lucky to make $3 to $5. Most of the time it feels like it just comes down to a little luck mixed with persistence. My goal on the days I do surveys for more than just a few minutes is to hit somewhere between $7 and $10 a day but I don't always hit the mark. :?

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Hi everyone! My name is Dawn, and I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself. I've been on here for a few weeks and really like it. It really gives me the gouge on the good, the bad, and the ugly! I've dropped some survey companies, and joined new ones based on recommendations on here. You all are very friendly and patient.

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Hello, Everyone! My name is Cheryl and I'm in a suburb of Chicago. I'm self-employed (since 2002) and the industry I work in has taken a major downward hit since last October. Seems like I've spent my days doing silly stuff online (games mostly) waiting for the work phone to ring. My hubby has been doing the occasional Inboxdollars surveys for about 2 years now, and finally 'cashed out' a whopping $89.00 two weeks ago (LOL). Anyway, that kinda lit a small fire under me to stop wasting my time with online games and use it to possibly earn something of a little value.

I only found your site yesterday and I am totally awestruck. THANK YOU ALL for such a phenominal wealth of information and valuable advice/insight into the survey world. I spent several hours yesterday just reading through some of the posts here on the forum, and making a small list of those companies others have found legitimate in offerings and rewards.

I want to express a special THANK YOU to 1957horses as I have found many of your messages to be particularly helpful in the 'where to start' category! Absolutely LOVE your avatar (huge animal lover here).

Like a few others have stated, in so many of the survey qualifying questions, age seems to be against me. Just turned 60 and kids are all well over the age of 17. I did sign up with Tellwut yesterday and it is refreshing not to have to spend 10 minutes answering questions to get to the "Sorry..." screen. Ran out of their surveys apparently just under 1000 points, but hopefully a few more surveys will be there today.

I will try to contribute here on the forum as best I can, but the only program I have used regularly over the years is mypoints (it has been pretty good to me, can't complain). Will always graciously accept guidance/pointers from all the pros here!

Thanks again to the creators and contributors of this super informative and valuable site! Have a happy and wonderfully prosperous day, everyone!

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