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I test products about twice a month by qualifying through surveys. That works for me because I always get stuff my family uses anyway, and I've never been asked to return anything. I've heard horror stories about companies wanting empty bottles back and stuff like that. But I have good luck testing the stuff they ask me to, and while I prefer cash for surveys, I'll take free stuff too. Anyway, I stumbled into that, and I guess I'm in a good (family) demographic, but I'd be wary of any test site you can't find any info on. :?

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Yes,  They suck...... I did a Long   30 min survey, and finished, they said thanks youll get 10.00 dollars amazon card for helping us out.

within 24 to 48 hours . its been a week now - no cash. Now normally , i dont [email protected]#%  for a 10.00 amazon card. its chump change, but if i can help someone else NOT to get ripped off by these scammers than i have done my job, so beware of these ripp off artist's'

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