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National Consumer panel is a joke. It's funny though.


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So I placed my equipment in the garage and I think someone might’ve thrown it away. Does anyone know what happens if I don’t return the equipment?

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I have had the equipment for years. At one point I think they said they were going to charge me for it. But how did they think they would get the money from me.  I think they aslo offered me some points to return it. the points were worthless to me, everything in their catalog  was thousands of points.

The thing was they kept sending return labels from companies that didn't pick up, yeah, it's been that many years. I kept asking for a usps label but they wouldn't send one. I was not going to go out of my way or spend money on bus fare to return the thing, so it's still here, taking up precious space that could be used for something else.

What can they do? It's been years for me but I still don't think they can do anything these days. The most that I can see is that they drop you.


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