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SurveyPolice Just Got Better!

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To make SurveyPolice the most comprehensive source for online surveys information, we've just added a new feature where survey panels will feature information about the rewards they offer, the types of research they conduct (online surveys, product testing, etc.), as well as what's required from members in order to collect their rewards.

We've collected this information ourselves about some of the survey panels on our site, but we need your help!

Help Us Grow SurveyPolice

You'll notice that on many survey panels listings, under the new information columns there is a link that says, "Unknown. Please Tell us!"

Here's your chance to make SurveyPolice better. If you're a member of a panel and know what types of rewards, etc. they offer, please click the "tell us" link, and provide us with any helpful information you may have about the panel.

Why We Need Your Help

With over 250 (and counting!) survey panels listed on SurveyPolice, it's too difficult for us to keep track of this information ourselves. Not only does this information change all the time, some panels only share this information with members.

That's where you can make a difference. With only a minute or two of your time, not only will you help other survey takers find out more about a panel, you will help yourself when we roll out Phase 2 of these updates (more on that below).

This is Just the Start!

Once we have enough data on the rewards, membership opportunities, etc. that panels offer, we will make SurveyPolice searchable by this criteria.

What this means is that soon you'll be able to search panels for criteria like: USA survey panels who offer Amazon gift cards. Or, UK survey panels who offer product testing.

We're really excited to expand SurveyPolice, and hope you'll join us in making it better! :D:D:D

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I love this new feature! And it's so easy to click on there and put in the information to let you know! Thanks! Just keeps getting better! :D

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