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Student Surveys Forum Rules


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Students, if you're looking for responses for your online survey for your thesis, school project, etc., you may post it here.

Please use these guidelines when posting your survey:

  • The subject (title) of your post should include the topic of your survey, as well as when it closes
  • In the description, please include information about the study you're conducting, including the demographic details of people who you're looking to take the survey
  • Absolutely no spam will be tolerated. Spam our forum and get banned - no second chances
  • When your survey is complete, come back and share your results with us. We'd love to know what you found out!
  • Post a survey, take a survey. Reciprocate and help out fellow students by taking the surveys they've posted here

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Do you do anything to verify these are actually student surveys, or just assume no one else is posting here? Some of them make no mention of student involvement.

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