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What Rewards do you value most?

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My most to least valued list:

1. Any cash that I can directly deposit into my bank account, whether it's PayPal (as long as they're not taking out the fee from my earnings) or checks, don't care.  I can use it whenever, wherever, however I want.  Gimme.

2. Amazon gift cards.  I buy so much household stuff on there I would never run out of things to use them on. 

3. In a very distant third place, Visa/AmEx/whatever cash cards.  Too many limitations - online only! no foreign transactions! has to be the specific amount or lower and you can't add money to the card if, say, your total is 11 cents more than the amount of the card! expiration dates! fees if unused! try to buy another more useful gift card with it for the same amount and if that merchant charges a small temporary hold amount your transaction is rejected!

4. All other gift cards to specific restaurants and stores.  I would much rather have cash which I could then use to buy whatever I wanted from these places.

5. Merchandise.  The worst.  No wait, the worst is being given the option to use your points that took you hours upon hours of survey taking to earn to "buy"...


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In order of preference:

-Paypal. Cash is king. My paypal wallet pays for a lot of things that never have to be reflected in my bank statement, all the while being linked to my bank account.

-Tango Points. Can be converted into Amazon or a lot of niche cards. Essentially sacrifices convenience of insta-Amazon in exchange for versatility.

-Digital Amazon Gift Card Code. Let's be honest. Physical Amazon cards are redundant and obsolete. Just give me the code so I can put it in.

-Digital Prepaid Card. Technically it's cash, except it's restricted to online only. Buy something you can't get with Paypal but don't want to get with your debit/credit card, then use the rest to reload your Amazon balance. BUT, you must make sure there's at least 50 cents left before you do that, as Amazon has a minimum reload threshold. The expiration date is obnoxious but you're gonna use the money anyway, so it's not that bad. The real crime is not being able to reload the card.

-Physical Prepaid Card. Technically better than digital prepaid due to no online restriction, but now you have a physical card that you have to keep track of that can't be reloaded. That said, if you're ever in need of giving someone a physical gift, this works pretty darn well. 

-Physical Amazon Gift Card. Redundant as all hell.

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I have a variety of "Perk" apps on my phone and my favorite is their perk plastik debit card. 1,100 perk points = $1

Their are numerous Perk games that add points to a central points bank so it's easy to earn cash on perk plastik.

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I like the Walmart as I get my groceries and medicine there. I also like restaurants so we can try something different.

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