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I see now they have banner on WSJ icons; "New Subscribers Only" they didnt have before! I think they were getting too many renewals and WSJ screamed about it so now they limit it. I think its s****y they cut me off just because they changed policy! Seems like one can get renewals on magazines, however. They dont show that banner. I may send thru renewal on one of those I already have and see what happens. :D

I started using reward survey earlier this year. They send about one survey a week for which one earns $20 they can use to purchase magazine or newspaper subscriptions posted on their awards page after one completes a survey.

The surveys are short, and only take a few minutes to complete.

The magazines offered are somewhat limited but broad in scope. Several women's magazines, men's, gossip, news, business, electronics.

They also offer the Wall Street Journal in 6 or 9 month subscriptions.

One thing that upset me, I got a 6 month sub to the WSJ in March and renewed it in Sept. Then just the other day, two months into the second subscription, it stopped. I contacted WSJ subscription dept and they had no answer why. I contacted subject and they got back to me via e-mail that they discontinued it because it was a duplicate! They told me that they only offered the WSJ to new subscribers and I couldnt use my reward "money" to renew a subscription! The is complete BS! NOWHERE on their site do they say these are only trial subscriptions for new subscribers! They are dishonest about how you can use your rewards, and dont disclose this! If they only allow new subscriber trial subscriptions, they need to disclose this! I will not use them anymore if they play games like this. If you want to use this site to get some free magazines, be my guest, they will send them and usually very quickly. But, don't think you can use them to renew! I'm thinking class action suit here...

Anybody else run into this situation with this website?

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I have run into nearly the opposite situation, but just as distressing. The magazines I selected through this site did renew, but they renewed through an infamous third party magazine distributor who somehow got a hold of my banking information (probably through magazines I subscribed to run under the same parent company as the ones I chose for the rewards) and autorenewed me when I never asked for autorenew. Watch out if you use Reward Surveys, you might get charged for your reward magazines in about six months.

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