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GSN.com (Prize Sweepstakes, Oodles, and free lottery)


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For those who want a guaranteed payment, I'd look elsewhere, but if you want to enter some kind of lottery drawing or sweepstakes without betting a cent, this is the way to go. ChaChingo is the main draw and while I haven't hit the jackpot yet, it's so easy to select your numbers that I really can't complain. Even if you don't match all numbers, matching one number gets you Oodles and Tokens (tokens are just for fun, you can't win anything at the casino other than more tokens). However, Oodles can be redeemed or auctioned for prizes and/or sweepstakes entries. Since there are so many ways to get Oodles every day, it's essentially free credits that you can get just by playing games or watching ads. Not to mention, the games are pretty fun. :)

I should mention, it's affiliated with WorldWinner which from what I hear is pretty sketchy. I don't care for this site as much since they encourage you to bet money on their games (where people get impossible scores). The games frequently require refreshing the page just to load properly and then will tell. However, by signing up to GSN and getting Oodles, you can participate in the weekly sweepstakes. And if you get a certain number of reward points saved up, you can apparently redeem them for game credits. However, worldwinner is a site I wouldn't bother too much with until I know what I'm getting into.

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On 8/5/2020 at 5:30 AM, WalterVAllen said:

I searched the whole internet for things like this. THIS IS A SCAM.

I have that opinion just from the look and feel of that domain.


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