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Sample Wonderlic test

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Hi- I mentioned that I did a survey a few hours ago on myview, that I got 2,800 points for that was interesting It involved taking two Wonderlic tests. Each one lasted 12 minutes, and there were 50 questions in each quiz. I am just trying to figure out though how I get to see my results. They told me that I would be able to see how I did on the test. For those people who did not get the test to do on myview, here is a sample version of Wonderlic that you can take. I took the sample one too, and I did not do as well on that one. It was not aswell laid out, and I was not able to answer as many questions. When I researched Wonderlic, I found out that they have tests that employers can give to perspective employees to see how fast they think, and how well they would do on the job. I found out while I was looking at their website, that all the NFL players have to take their test especially designed for them when they enter training camp for the first time. They have a list on their site of some of the scores that the football players received, and there is one football player that received a perfect score. The players that in general seem to do the best are the quarterbacks. Here is a sample of one of their tests, and you can see how you do. You can also look to see how your favorite NFL player did. Here is the link.


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