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Post News about Survey Panels Here!

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So that we all have one cohesive spot where we can keep current on what's happening in the survey world, please post all news and announcements related to survey panels in this new forum category.

Rather than posting everything under the General Discussion Forum, please post things here such as the following:

    - Heads up on survey panels who have redesigned their websites
    - Announcements related to survey panels that are closing down
    - News regarding changes to a survey panel’s incentives and rewards
    - News about survey panel mergers and acquisitions

We'll be perusing this section regularly, as it will not only help all of you keep tabs on what's going on, but it will help us keep survey panel listings on the main SurveyPolice website as accurate and current as possible.

Thanks everyone. 8)

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What survey sites have closed? August 28, 2016



SurveySpree is closed

MySurvey? I'm still active at this site

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Has anyone had trouble with Reward Shopping? I saved my points up to get a $100 Amazon gift card. I requested on March 21, 2018 and haven't got it yet. They have it listed that I requested it but each day the count is listed as number of days delayed. It is now up to 87. I have emailed them several times and always get the generic reply but no answer to my email with questions about my reward. I am going to email them again today. I have redeemed with them a couple of times before with no problem.

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Changes with Prize Rebel Survey Panel. 

I received a Email from Prize Rebel a few days ago about changes being made September 1st (today) here's is what they sent to me in the Email :

We wanted to give you a notice of several changes that we will be implementing on PrizeRebel.com starting on September 1st. 

1. We will no longer be offering a reward discount on Paypal or Dwolla effective September 1st. Due to the fees charged by Paypal and Dwolla on each transaction, it is no longer feasible for us to offer a discount for those respective rewards. You will no longer see a reward discount on those reward items, however, you will continue to see a reward discount on our hundreds of other gift cards rewards found at https://www.prizerebel.com/prizes.php

2. We will be raising the points required to reach Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels effective September 1st. Current members who are gold, platinum and diamond members will retain their current level status, even if they do not currently meet the new requirement. 

I want to thank you for being a member of PrizeRebel.com. We are constantly listening to user feedback and working to build a better survey product. We understand and acknowledge that there are significant frustrations due to survey errors or survey disqualifications. We are actively working with our survey partners to reduce the number of technical errors and are working on offering surveys that do not have disqualifications once you pass the pre-screener. 

If you have any questions regarding the changes please contact us at https://www.prizerebel.com/supportcontact.php.

PrizeRebel General Manager


Just thought to post in case any of that info was important to any one. I was so close to making it to Gold level so I could cash out instantly so I didn't have to wait 24 hours to get my Pay Pal pay outs but since I got that a E-mail a few days ago letting me know they are using the Gold level threshold every completed survey I have taken has not credited me the points. Which is very odd since I have never had that happen before the email. Literally ever since I got the email I tried my hardest to get my 200 points to make it to Gold level and every single survey ripped me off...ughhh

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