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new survey site: rewards1

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There is a new survey site called rewards1.com. I have made $341.26 in the past 16 months. The gift cards are not instant. You can also custom request rewards from any vendor, but fulfillment may take longer. The gift cards are from Amazon.co, .ca, and U.S.,Think geek,  JB HI Fi, Best Buy, Newweg, Dell, Barnes and Noble, Abrocombie and finch, aeropostale YesAsia,  Battle.net, google play, itunes, xbox, playstation, karma coin, league of legends, minecraft game card, NCsoft, nexun, nintendo, steam, rixty, world of warcraft, paypal, and a cheque. It also has a chatbox that you can talk to other members on the survey site. The site also has ranks: Rookie (when you sign up), Junior (when you get your first reward and $5) Senior (When you get 2 rewards and $20,) Veteran (when you make $80 and 3 rewards), Elite (when you make $200 and recieve 4 rewards,) and last but not least legend (when you make $500 and recieve 5 rewards). After you complete and offer, you will recieve bonus points. Since I am an Elite, I have a $0.15 bonus if i complete a $0.75 survey. The bonus increases for every rank that you increase. I will look forward to seeing you all on the site!!!! Let us become a larger Company!!! (I do not work for it)

UPDATE: Once you reach rank Veteran, you can get instant $5, $10, and $25 gift card vouchers.



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