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UK Online Survey Panels

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I've found the website, I'm looking for info about them. Normally I can get info from review sites or blogs but there is nothing about them, apart from their website. I just want to know what members thing of it so I can decide whether it's worth joining or not as I've not heard of them.

Maybe because it is still a pretty new website. I didn't find that much info either and managed to cash out my £10 via Paypal so I guess they are not a scam. Not too many surveys though but £10 to cash out is still OK, not £50 like yougov! ;)

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My favorite UK survey panels are

Valued Opinions (Amazon is now back up with them, just received a £10 e voucher)

Vivatic (did put their prices down for a month but are now back up to normal)

Mysurvey (I like this as you can choose paypal, I've never had to wait longer than a week and the threshold is a very low 575 points for a £5 payout, easy to reach)

Survey Network, £20 min but paypal again, and can be reached very quickly, just have to clear the cookie each time when they send all surveys at once.

These are the UK sites that work the best for me.

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HEllo everyone all i can tell you is to try doing surveys from the surveyhead and they also pay good money .BEcause i been a member wit them for years now i just had another cashout for 35.00 dollars . So tHATS why i am letting you know.

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I am a member on The uBar - usually 3-4 surveys per month, and Amazon vouchers up for grabs. The surveys are really short most of the time, and sometimes quite good fun. Anyone can join, as long as you have a mobile phone, so no 'screeners'. They also have forums and stuff so you can chat to the other members which is cool. :D



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