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  2. Hi all, I'm currently working on a university research project and have been tasked with carrying out general polling for the project. The survey below is about personal travel habits (how often one travels, what one uses to plan, etc), and if you have 2 minutes, I'd greatly appreciate your filling it out/passing it on to others. Thanks! -SonofCicero https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8FSY3DB
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  4. footfree

    lifepoints and payments

    Okay if everything you say is true then why even bother giving a $5 pay out option?
  5. I've never bothered looking into it, but apparently Ipsos-Isay has a community where you can post your own surveys and such, their start page tends to have two or three of them plastered over it. Is there any sort of incentive for doing this, or is it all just for fun?
  6. schludermann

    Question about SavvyConnect

    I tried Nielsen, survey savvy, Smartpanel, survey junkie, MySoapBox, YouGov Pulse, on an iPhone and eventually reached grid lock. Nielsen troubleshoots with canned replies, surveysavvy can't troubleshoot their way out of a paper sack and Survey Junkie and MySoapBox are so incompetent that they border on unethical. YouGov will not respond to support requests unless you shake their tree real hard. Nielsen did have the best yield.
  7. Has anyone used SavvyConnect with another like app (nielsenmobile, screenwise meter, mobile expression) at the same time? Right now I'm using all 3 I just listed with no problems on the same android phone.
  8. yobry1

    lifepoints and payments

    This is not news to me in any way. Like I said, 13 veteran of survey panels which is more than 90% of the current panelist on any survey panel, therefore I have experience with how they are and I know the good and bad panels since I've been a member of more than 50 panels over the years. I have noticed a few more ppl being terminated since the change to lifepoints and I also know what happens when panels change drastically or merge, it's a given. This always happens and it's mostly the newer members who go nuts and complain left and right. Panels DO NOT like you to cash out for the minimum amount every time, this is something I learned years ago and instead of cashing out at $5 every week, ppl need to wait til they reach the $10-25 mark to cash out. The issue the OP is having is due to what I stated before, bugs/glitches/issues with their new system. As with most panels, customer service is ALWAYS slow at getting back to you yet the newer panelist always jump the gun and accuse the panel of wrong doing. Expect at least 2 weeks before you hear back from ANY panel, after that, then file a complaint.
  9. schludermann

    lifepoints and payments

    I've got 30,000+ recent surveys and nearly 20 years in customer service that I'm deriving my observations from. I can tell when a company doesn't think the individual is of value. LifePoints is the shell company for Kantar and other iterations of panels. If you read the TOS, Privacy, GDPR statements and then take the information and run it through reverse address look ups, Linkedin, TechCrunch, Rocketreach, State corporate formation records and so forth, the same people often emerge. It is to their advantage to keep panelists disoriented and isolated and experience powerlessness.
  10. schludermann

    Poll Pass

    Poll Pass is definitely a low yield panel, but the effort expended has nearly 100% point accrual. II would rather cycle through qualifying frequently for small rewards, that screening out most of the time for an occasional larger reward. I Bookmark PollPass and visit at least several times a day . Using a good password manager will make the frequent login insignificant. The ones I try to avoid are the Panels that by policy are willing to string the panelist for 20-60 minutes and screen you out at the last questions. The higher the point value they offer as a reward, the less likely I'm going to take the bait and engage the surveys. Panels such as Tellwut are particularly prone to this.
  11. yobry1

    lifepoints and payments

    It's a fairly new site and issues/bugs/glitches are EXPECTED for the first year. People need to realize this and be PATIENT instead of going off the handle filing complaints everywhere. I'm a 13yr veteran panelists and have seen this everytime with a new site or merging panels.
  12. Cliche01

    Guilting survey takers

    I've taken to 'back talking' some surveys. For example, when they ask that you write in every freaking product or company you've heard of, I put in 'why bother when you are going to show me a list to choose from'? I get surveys that ask what my perfect day would be like and why at the start as a 'screener' and put in 'how about a day that doesn't ask me pointless questions which have nothing to do with the survey". You get the idea, have fun.
  13. schludermann

    lifepoints and payments

    Folks, LifePoints is part of Kantar and are the same people that displayed incompetence running MySurvey, not being able to reliably track your completion on a panel surveyrouter.com shuttled you too are par for the course. I only interact with LifePoints to gather evidence of incompetence and malfeasance to submit a comprehensive report on their conduct. If you want this to stop and experience integrity from the survey industry, you should be prepared do this too. Forget BBB, they are captured and will not provide meaningful resolution and in fact often provide top grade ratings for survey companies, because the company merely replies. I suggest starting with ESOMAR https://www.esomar.org/what-we-do/submit-a-complaint
  14. yobry1

    lifepoints and payments

    They brought this on themselves by lowering cashout to $5. I cashout at a min $10 but mostly at $20-25.
  15. yobry1

    lifepoints and payments

    Nothing sketchy, since it's a fairly new site, they're having lots of problems/bugs/glitches with it and at least one day a week since it started, I haven't been able to login.
  16. I've just started noticing these and haven't had any trouble other than the surveys themselves are rather odd. If it 's what I'm thinking, Pop Rewards are the ones that show you a TV ad, ask the usual questions, then continue babbling on about the credit cards you use, cable and internet, and other totally unrelated subjects.
  17. yobry1

    Same survey more than once

    I've had this happen several times over the years and yes, sometimes you can do the same survey on different sites but most times it will tell you you've already completed the survey BUT, you will only get paid from the FIRST site you completed the survey. The company that hired the survey sites to disperse the surveys checks your IP address and if it shows up more than once, all but one completed survey is accepted and your paid for it. This is why you will sometimes see an incentive disappear from a panel your a member of. So do yourself a favor and don't waste your time bcoz the client WILL catch it.
  18. Folks, If you pride yourself as being aware, abort any of these POP REWARDS SURVEYS! This should be re branded as Poop rewards. I left after a few days and left all earnings behind.
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