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  2. mikedorb

    Peanut Labs

    Anybody here ever get this message from them?I got it about a month ago and contacted support and didn't hear anything so contacted support again yesterday. I don't think I will ever hear from them. I have been doing Peanut Lab surveys for many years and never had an issue. Then suddenly one day I got blocked. And I belong to a lot of panels that have Peanut Lab surveys and am being blocked from taking these surveys on all of them. I think I know what may have triggered this. I got blocked from all Swagbucks and My Points surveys a few months ago so then I was more aggressive with the Peanut Lab surveys. Especially with Swagbucks so I could meet my daily goal. But I still was answering the surveys the way I always did. Nothing changed. I wrote about this before. No way I can prove it but if you complete too many surveys with any one company in a short period of time you might get flagged or in my case get your account suspended. This is an issue with a lot of panels. For the most part they are not paying much for completed surveys or at least as much as they used to so if they see that someone is completing a lot of surveys they may be assuming that the person is faking their way through even if they aren't. And it gives them an excuse to get rid of you. And they don't need to give you a reason for doing this. They can terminate any panelist for any reason or even for no good reason. Anybody who belongs to a lot of panels and has been doing surveys for a long time like I have is very likely going to have to eventually have to deal with issues like this. This Account has been Permanently Suspended As a result of one or more violations of our Terms and Conditions, access to Peanut Labs Surveys and Offers has been suspended for this account
  3. mikedorb

    Strike on survey companies.

    There seems to be two issues with a lot of survey companies. One is qualifying for surveys. With some panels it is very difficult if not impossible. The other problem is a lot of survey panels pay very little for completing a survey that takes a lot of time. 25 cents for a 20 or 30 minute survey is not good. Inbox Dollars in particular does this. Most of their surveys are 25 cents and we are not talking 5 or 10 minute surveys for the most part. Once in a while I can complete a survey that pays decently but not often. I can complete surveys with them which is good but it takes completing a lot of surveys to get to 30.00 so I can cash out. I still can cash out but it takes longer than it used to. Remember these survey companies are in business to make money. There is no doubt that overall the payouts are not as good as they were a few years ago. And I don't think it is my imagination.
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  5. mikedorb


    I don't work for them but do complete some of their surveys. I never picked up that they send out payments on Friday but come to think of it I believe the last payments I received were on a Friday. Haven't gotten any payments the last two weeks and I know I have payments coming for surveys I completed in January. Don't they say to allow 21 business days to receive payment for completed surveys? 21 business days is different from 21 calendar days. It could be possible they are behind on their payments. If you completed a survey a month ago or longer you should have received your payment by now I would think. Unless they are late sending out payments for whatever reason..
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  7. dawn_b_adams

    Survey Time

    I’m signed up with them and left a review. The good part is if you successfully complete a survey, it’s $1.00, and you get your PayPal or gift card within minutes. They send you an email to confirm it’s in there. Now the bad part: Good luck getting a survey with them. I sometimes try to get one completed a day, but it’s a slog. Lots of routers, timeouts, etc. It is very difficult to complete a survey on this site. So if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, realize that you will be expending time to get one done. They are all partner surveys. They don’t seem to have any surveys of their own.
  8. mnleona

    tellwut surveys?

    I check both of them more than once a day.
  9. episemion

    How many times does this make you mad with Lifepoints??

    I see the same thing with either that message or a couple of other Cint ones. I simply report it and have always gotten a response. The survey gets auditted and points have always been awarded within 10 days or so. I also see the same on Crowdology.
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  11. tonypbethpa

    Thrifty pig

    Yes I just received the same letter but can't find out anything about the site. If you don't know it don't try it.
  12. thomasina1987

    Survey Time

    Does anyone have any experience with Survey Time? They send you a dollar gift card immediately after you complete a survey? I've tried them once, but did not have much luck. Just curious. Thanks,
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