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  2. Hello, For my thesis I have made a survey that takes 3-5 minutes to fill in. It has the context of eSports but it does not matter if you watch it or not. It would really help me in my research. Thanks in advance for filling it in. Link: https://rug.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6L7O9n4b6iL42Wx
  3. peach6

    Anybody else frustrated with Lifepoint?

    I went on there this morning to try for a survey and there are none Seemed odd
  4. Greetings. I'm very close to my dream - trip to Thailand. I did my best trying to save money for this trip but I need to boost this money-saving process somehow. I made some researh on how you can make money online and found these apps: Honeygain and Bitbounce. Is it worth to try? Is it a scam or not? Would like to hear some opinions from those who tried anything like that.
  5. episemion

    Acop payment

    Just cashed out about a week ago for $100.52. Will see how long it takes.
  6. Sumitsingh72

    How To Check: Survey Opinion Legit or Scam

    Presently Find Trusted Packers and Movers in Pune through Shiftinindia
  7. yobry1

    Acop payment

    I always cashout once I hit the $10 mark and get paid in 2-4 weeks. I've noticed with a lot of panels, the more you're owed, the longer they take to pay you and even read some ppl get accounts closed when owed more than $100. Always cashout at the minimum and save it in your paypal acct til Christmas instead of waiting til right before the holidays to use it for Christmas shopping.
  8. yobry1

    Opinion outpost frozen account

    I had that problem with them years ago and quit bcoz of it. No reason whatsoever as to why and never replied to emails. From what I noticed back then, if you make too much money from them, they'll lock you out or cancel your membership.
  9. Yesterday
  10. yobry1

    Anybody else frustrated with Lifepoint?

    My biggest complaint is the website times out after 15-20 mins and I have to login again, annoying.
  11. yobry1

    Anybody else frustrated with Lifepoint?

    BSOD usually means bad memory sticks or cheap memory sticks.
  12. I quit ALL SSI owned panels years ago bcoz of ridiculously low incentives.
  13. The 10cent dq is also the only reason I'm still with them, but I'm not going to purposely dq to get that 10cnt bcoz it's a low paying survey like many ppl do.
  14. I, like many others in these forums have noticed a substantial decrease in invites and dqs once you turn 40(a gen xer).
  15. They still do the 10 cent screenout pay, though, which is the main reason they're still on my list (a much shorter list than a couple years ago!) Every so often they email me a survey that's actually worth doing. The rest of the surveys, I wait until I have a long queue with them, then go through the queue at once in a bunch of tabs, and get a bunch of screenouts. (If I don't get screened out, and it doesn't look worth it, which is most of the time, I just close the tab. But seeing as how I get screened out like 90% of the time anyway, it's one site where I'm happy when I get screened out a bunch, instead of annoyed. ;))
  16. They do want you if you like to invest.Not me-
  17. I... don't really think that's true. Makes complete sense to me that investable assets is a pretty common demographic question surveys ask, for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with them being fronts for scams trying to steal your money. That's pretty paranoid - how would they do that, with nothing personally identifiable to go on, and without asking you to buy anything? Now, every once in a while a survey does ask for personally-identifiable information, and unless it's my address because they're going to send me a product test, I either close those surveys immediately (if they ask at the beginning), or put in gibberish (if they ask me at the end), because there's no other reason they should be asking for things like my name, phone number or address. But surveys that want to know your liquid assets generally just want to know that because it's a good approximation of your social status, because it helps determine whether you're the target demographic for the products they're asking about, etc. I don't see any problem answering that. I'm not sure what you're imagining they would be asking you to "agree to hand over"? I've categorically never seen a survey tell me to go buy something. (Well, technically I've seen a couple that have told me to go to a grocery store and buy something small with my own money and take a picture of it, but that's totally different.)
  18. nj07208

    Panel referral incentives

    I understand that but I don't think that's how most people here feel. We're here to share experiences and thoughts as well as opportunities. If I came across a good site, I would most certainly share it with others.
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