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    I have also had the repeats but they seem to be gone now and actually have no surveys
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    I got that one too. Like 4 times, I did it, and so far, no credit for any of them. I don't know if I have ever been shorted. I know that sometimes I get a bonus. The only ones I can't do for them are the ones that required a webcam. I didn't get anything over the weekend, maybe 1 or 2 over the weekend, but I don't think I did but one.
  5. I am supposed to get 1,000 points. But I downloaded it last October and so far I have only received credit for 3,000 points. But if I miss a day of not being on my tablet, I get a message that they aren't receiving info and they want me to download it again. I have been letting it hang, but by summer's end if I haven't caught up with all of the points, I am going to delete it. Not worth the hassle of getting emails about it, and not getting paid for it either. I used to have it on my laptop, but my laptop can't be updated, so I don't have it on it, it won't load.
  6. Yes, but I get points so I do them.
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  8. This is particularly salient to our hobby. In the comments section, I left a comment that there is a huge industry that performs this information harvesting at the highest level, and was not part of the article, the survey and panel industry. If you think that this important, please like the comment. You'll have to register to like, but's i's just confirming your email address. PopSci also has free subscription over the summer. https://www.popsci.com/download-digital-personal-information
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  10. ValerieVarr

    itracks and non-payment

    I have been trying to get paid for an online Banking Video Study which was held by itracks on February 5, 2020. The invitation was from itracks and no other panel or referral was listed. I am at wits end. Does anyone have similar experiences with itracks? Anyone with information on how to file legal action against them - it is greatly appreciated.
  11. Said it was going to be 60 minutes and it turned into 90 minutes.I seriously think they need to pay extra when it goes beyond the time limit.At least $15 since they paid $30 for 60 minutes.This is the first one I have ever done,I hope all of them are not like this.
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