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  2. schludermann

    Awful times for survey glitches and bugs?

    I stopped doing OO surveys years ago because they would fail like and support could careless or even ignore requests. This happens with many survey panels that use routers. If you want to continue, make sure there are no VPN services running and use a dedicated browser with no pop up blockers or cookie managers. You may also want to use a password manager instead and purge internet files, cache and cookies with each relaunch of the browser..
  3. Well, even my trusted and well paying OO has been a let down the last few days. Yesterday I did a SB survey, finished it, it tried redirecting back to the site for crediting. Then error, session ID invalid. Lovely. Another survey had another error yesterday where I wasn't credited. Today, OO. 1 survey I had nearly finished got stuck. I was about 84% complete and there was no arrow to go to the next page after giving my answers. Waited, and waited, zoomed in and out on browser to see if it was tucked to the side under text... nope.... I tried going back to the study via OO's dashboard.... Survey has been filled. Then just now, and this one really peed me off. A really tedious survey about tech brands :/. Finished it and got to the thanks for completing the survey screen.... redirect.... error....god damn it.
  4. Hello, I am researching about Generation Z in the US (people born after 1995) and their perceptions of privacy. This survey takes 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T6BYJY8
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  6. somelady

    Some OneOpinion sites closing

    Today on oneopinion they have a new privacy notice from dynata. It tells you how to opt out on phones but not on a pc. One opinion is going downhill.
  7. PinkLucy

    Lifepoints - No New Surveys

    I get lots of invites, but I think I have only completed one survey since they became LifePoints. Complete waste of time.


    i took out the referral link.. again.. my apologies.. if i can find a regular link i will post


    my apologies about the referral link..i dont have a regular link... im looking for it now how do i take the post down.. i just read the rules
  10. iPhone USERS stop right here! This is NOT a scam nor a pyramid scheme.. if this is posted in the wrong place or not allowed.. i will take it down. If you DONT have Imoney then take minute to get it, I love this app been using it almost a year now before it ever was in the App Store. I’ve got to know the employees and developers and they are GREAT ppl. The way this app works is like this, so you get paid to download other free apps to help those apps get discovered, and to boost their keyword ranking in the App Store. Here is prime example let’s say you search fast food in the App Store right just curious what all fast food restaurants have apps and what the apps offer. Like we all know McDonald’s got them coupons on their app! And baskin robins got that free scoop of ice cream! Well if you searched fast food right now you’d learn that Burger King is actually the first app to come up so it would be considered rank 1 in the App Store under the key word search “fast food” I’m kinda surprised I would have thought McDonald’s would have came up first. But other apps like Chick-fil-A or Panda Express might be a good 20+ apps down you’d have to scroll through the apps to find it and a lot of people don’t scroll very far. So for new apps or even old apps they could pay Imoney to make a task for users like you and me to download their app with the key word and if enough people did it they would slowly move up in ranking and could even be number 1 instead of Burger King or whatever app if you get what I mean. So that is how Imoney kinda works, how Imoney gets paid and how we get paid. . if you have any questions respond on here and i will personally answer you and i will add screen shot to this post in a few to show its legit..
  11. So many over the years - favorite was probably an appliance that cooks sausage (think kielbasa) plus coupons to buy the meat. I had to drive like 20 minutes though to the store that had the product. There's been hair dye (which I didn't actually use), body wash, paper towels, frozen meals. In the last 2 months, I've had toilet tissue (these companies do a lot of product testing), a toothbrush and iced tea. I have a huge canister of Old Bay Seasoning that would take me at least 5 years to use. I also have kids that have received Gatorade, sour candy, granola bars....lots of things have shopped up on my door step!
  12. dawn_b_adams

    Some OneOpinion sites closing

    I just cashed out my first $25 from them, probably good thing I did. Surveys the last couple of days dried out, and I can't get any more surveys lately. I'll give it another week and dump them if the situation doesn't improve.
  13. dawn_b_adams

    American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) has throttled my account

    I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this. I don't do any surveys through them. Would it be worth your time to file a formal complaint with the BBB, or have you already done that? Sounds like they have a slew of complaints though, seems nothingnis being done. Maybe getnout the word to social media, especially news outlets. There may be a good consumer reporter looking for a good story, you never know. I hope you get your money. I'd drop them after that. Best of luck to you.
  14. Shrike

    Pinecone dead???

    I just did something for them too and got paid with no problem.
  15. Folks, In the past I've reported incompetent and inconsistent behavior with ACOP and willingness to fabricate reasons to not pay panelists. SP is rife with reports of this conduct going back years. The problems are so frequent that the BBB office that ACOP is in has a public notice that they know about the chronic issues, probably tired of getting them. Well in my last go around with ACOP/Burke I was stiffed for a very long survey I completed, I posted the response from Matt at ACOP on SP forum. I also included the president, Jerry Thomas, in the dialog and inform them I was building a complaint to report their activities, starting with ESOMAR. Since then my account has been throttled. Throttled means I get notices of pending surveys, but they disappear once I log in, even for surveys with a 3-month activity period. Instead of a survey I'm directed to their never ending router. So, if you have experienced unethical behavior dealing with ACOP, please post them here or message me. I will be summarizing ACOP's behavior and then passing it out to the professional associates that have involvement with the survey & marketing industry. I'm particularly interested hearing from individuals that live in Texas.
  16. I signed up, so far it is much more difficult to qualify for a survey than prolific. If things don't improve in a month, I usually discontinue in a month. Unless it's seems like the panel abuses the panelist and then I stick around to gather evidence to report their conduct.
  17. jberri12

    Some OneOpinion sites closing

    Earlier this year Dynata (merger of Research Now and SSI) acquired Reimagine Holdings (owner of Critical Mix - aka One Opinion). They are probably shutting down poor performing or duplicate panels from Critical Mix. That would explain the drop in incentives (and quality) of the surveys coming out of One Opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if they merge the remainder of the One Opinion panels into existing ones under Dynata. What's ironic is that some of the founders of Critical Mix originally came from SSI. I guess they couldn't make it on their own.
  18. LForward1

    Brands on Instagram Survey

    Bro in case you want to make your surveys on Instagram you can try http://www.igautolike.com, I have become addicted to this app. Recently I increased my followers to 5k because I am asking from them only 200 followers, and when people see that I get so many followers they are starting to follow me. It is unbelievable.
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