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  2. I refuse to work for pennies on the dollar.And that is what GTM is paying now.I've dropped quite a few especially the old time company's like Survey spot,opinion outpost,valued opinion and mysurvey.I can see dropping a few more later this year.Not like it use to be for sure.I mean I remember complaining about them before but I feel like it has gotten to a all time low recently.I just hope that old adage works for people who treat others unfairly and that is "What goes around ,comes around "and maybe they are now reaping what they sowed.
  3. Same here - down to once every 3-4 weeks. Used to be 3-4 a month on average.
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  5. Are there any international panels I can signup for, that send products, like samples or upcoming products for review, in the mail? Edit: Like the National Consumer Panel( I know that this one isn't about product reviews)
  6. I used to get one at least every couple weeks but now I go at least a month or more
  7. Sorry to hear that ,I left them a long time ago ,I was doing really great and cashing like every 3 months then it went to every 6-8 months and then I was also having all kinds of problems with the site so I just cashed out what I could and left .
  8. Seems like now that they are going to fix their survey site its not as good as it use to be I have not done any paid ones in ages
  9. Yeah a few years back I did a lot more surveys but now I keep dropping them one by one .There are only a few good ones now
  10. The points are less than that, at least for amazon or paypal 75 lifepoints does not equal 75 cents, it's less. 6,000 life points =$50 paypal 120 life points = $1.00 30 =$.25 60 =$.50 90 = $.75 6 =$.05 150 = $1.25 100 = about $.83 12 = $.10 ------------ amazon 1100 = $ 10.00 amazon card 2750 = $20.00 amazon card 1650 = $15.00 amazon card 110 = $1.00 27.5 = $.25 55 = $.50 11 = $.10
  11. I had one that I only used once.I wrote them and had them cancel the account.
  13. Hi everyone, Are you between 18 and 34 years old and pay for music in any sort of way, e.g. Spotify, iTunes, CDs etc.? Then please be so kind to fill in this survey and help me graduate! It will take about 5 minutes to fill in. The survey is completely anonymous and will only be used for the sake of my graduation assignment. If you have a survey that needs to be filled out, please leave the link in the comments and I'll be happy to do so Thank you!
  14. Some gift cards are like that. If you never use them they will eventually be at 0 balance from fees. Most prepaid cards including the Paylution cards have an expiration date just like any credit or debit card. I think it's 1 to 2 years. I get Paypal now but when they were doing those Paylution cards I always deposited it in my Paypal account if I wasn't going to use it right away.
  15. OLD MARKETPOINTS were 5cents per point. NEW LIFEPOINTS are 1cent per point. I knew they were going to screw us like that so I cashed out 2 days before the transition started. Now they expect us to complete surveys for 1cent to 5cents per minute? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! The ONLY decent paying surveys are 10mins for 75points (75cents). They were the last of the decent paying panels other than pinecone ofcourse. Now I'll be lucky to cashout 2-3 times a year compared to 8-9 times a year previously.
  16. Yeah, I miss just a couple years ago, when I first started out, when both OO and GTM paid pretty dang well. I mean, their support was already beyond terrible (though I still feel, amazingly enough, like it's gotten even worse in the past year, as hard as that would have been), but at least they paid pretty well, especially OO. I was cashing out like once a week for a while, on not that much time spent. Now I'd be lucky to cash out once a month with that same amount of time. There are still some nice juicy sites floating out there, but I've pretty much just started doing the more targeted ones from sites that only send you more targeted ones, plus mturk.
  17. Yeah, I decided a couple months ago, it's not a survey site's fault if a survey does that, since they're just the host and the payment processor, but if I tell a survey site that that happened, and they don't respond, or give a form apology but no recompense, that site will get the ax after the next cashout. Thus, the only sites at the moment I have left of the "spam you constantly with opportunities" type, which at one point I had at least half a dozen of them going, are valuedopinions (which I think I might toss after the next cashout too, because they've kind of stopped sending me very many invites), and oneopinion, which I may or may not also toss after the next cashout, because they've started paying less (haven't decided that one yet.) Those two actually generally overrule mistakes like that and pay you anyway, though. GTM, OO, etc, basically say tough luck if you ask, or occasionally say they'll totally pay you back, and then usually just conveniently forget to. No thanks.
  18. I've been doing Univox surveys for a while and all I get is DQ's. I can't remember when I actually completed a survey. I checked the other day and thought I was going to be able to redeem points at 2,000 but the redeem area was grayed out. Does anyone know how many points are required to redeem?
  19. The only drop in invitations I have noted is Pinecone. I suspect that things are somewhat slow at the moment. The invites from OneOpinion are coming 4-5 a day , but there are times when nothing is there when you get there. Was the same way with their former sister site Zoompanel - feast or famine.
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  21. I couldn't sign in to the diary for over a day. I got some weird response from SB about making sure my webcam was working or something. There was no webcam to the dairy. So finally on the 2nd day I tried to log in, I am no quitter. And there was the diary, big as you please. It took me back to where I had left off and I picked it up and it has been fine since. I do agree SB has one of the best customer service support systems out there. I have a survey I completed and was given credit for, so I have sent another request in on that.
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