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  2. I have had that one before on anther site I think it was Made I was a little Leary at first but thought it might be for a product to test so went ahead and did it from what I remember it was your name and state and it was regarding voting They should definitely tell you why that information is needed
  3. Kpcrisp

    Vanson Bourne Community

    I've just discovered this site where you can get Amazon vouchers for taking part in surveys on business and technology topics. The link is here: www.vansonbournecommunity.com
  4. schludermann

    Point Club's Makeover

    I've done software testing and user acceptance testing in the past, for the most valuable California corporation, at the time the world. They cared about the end user and useful functional user websites. The gyrations Y'all went through is reflective of the low quality of this organization, members weren't that important, and as energetically described in the forum, expendable. Pointed Club has it coming from the crap they wantonly visit on members.
  5. schludermann


    OpinionBar is a bad scene, I dumped them several years ago after finally getting to a payout threshold and it took months for the reward system to work after repeated support requests. they didn't respond to support requests for wonky surveys either. Progression was slow, took two years to get to ten dollars.
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  7. gamblers1000


    after many weeks their reward section back up today requested payout usually takes a couple weeks paypal
  8. peach6

    How long is an hour?

    I had one in Chinese this morning Couldn't even fake it
  9. Bal

    How long is an hour?

    Had another today in French, very strange. As if getting scammed in your own language is not enough, we are getting shafted in other languages as well
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  11. Duck

    Branded surveys problems

    Branded Surveys is a good place to go when all your other options have dried up. I cash out 5 dollars about twice a month. Always do their poll and take the free points though.,
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