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  2. I still have not got the additional $3.10. I just tried to do another Forthright survey yesterday, and I got through part of it, and then I did not get the rest of the survey. I got the survey again, and the same thing happened. That survey was from a university in the UK.
  3. NFriday

    Anybody have any problems with Lifepoints?

    I was finally able to complete a survey, and I was able to cash out for a $50 Amazon GC. They say it is going to take a couple of days to get it.
  4. I signed up for TGM Panel about a week ago & I filled out my profile information. But I haven't received any surveys. Are they always this slow?
  5. Yesterday
  6. rosiesmom

    MyPoints 450 point bonus

    Nope, I get 1 point per day for the question and that is all I am getting unless they give me 5 points for doing a billion searches each day.
  7. rosiesmom

    New Survey Panel: Prime Opinion

    I signed up for this one months ago and I have have tried and tried and i always get dq'd. I am ready to give them the boot.
  8. Sandy21

    Accepting cookies

    Excellent advice and I totally agree. I delete ALL cookies each and every day, just my choice.
  9. Useless

    Accepting cookies

    I don't know about other browsers, but Firefox has a setting which allows erasure of all cookies from a session after you quit. That's what I use. I also check the cookies every so often and delete what I don't need. Some browsers have settings that can be pretty strict about what's allowed as well. You might check your settings to see what you can do.
  10. mjb

    Accepting cookies

    I really don't feel comfortable in accepting cookies when taking some surveys. I know I miss out, but I had a terrible experience with one site, a survey site, no names, and I started recieving spam email up he gazoo and once a virus. How bout any of you out there?
  11. Last week
  12. NFriday

    Paid viewpoint slow

    I just did three surveys on Paid Viewpoint, including one in which I only got $.10
  13. avemaria

    Prime Opinion Leaderboard

    Interesting to point out this being a new week, 3 days in and none of last week's leaders are even on the list of top earners.. I'm wondering if the entire leaderboard is bogus.
  14. episemion

    Paid viewpoint slow

    Just had at least 5 in a short period of time.
  15. episemion

    Paid viewpoint slow

    Same here. It goes in streaks.
  16. Sandy21

    Paid viewpoint slow

    I am experiencing this as well. ( Get them while you can!)
  17. Doesn't seen like I am getting as many surveys lately a couple weeks ago I could barely keep up and now if Im lucky I will get one a day
  18. NFriday

    Anybody have any problems with Lifepoints?

    I went back and found out I could access the surveys. Two of the surveys though, after 10 minutes I was told the survey was not the best match for me, and the rest of the surveys were closed.
  19. I just got an email from Lifepoints telling me that I had some surveys to do. When I went to my board, I found out I had three surveys to do. I clicked on the first one, and started doing the survey, but then I got a message that they were unusually busy, and to please come back later. I've also been getting more closed surveys the last few days from them too..
  20. episemion

    Ipoll closing down

    Do a search on "'Veriff". Plenty of people having issues with them.
  21. I am getting lots of invites for the panel again from Clear Voice,
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