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  2. paulgro

    One opinion survey on vaccines?

    I've gotten it many times and get kicked out from it each time.
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  4. Of course, political surveys have slowed down since the midterm elections, but I recently did at least two that asked me who I intended to vote for in this year's midterms.
  5. So when you have seen that survey for a hundred times the one that ask you to answer all the questions honestly?Have you ever wanted to or have you picked "No " just to be rid of it?Well I felt like it today ,but I don't have the guts I guess.It was the jean survey.I am so over that one -I really think they should have all the info by now.What company has the same survey floating for over a year or two?
  6. schludermann

    Branded Surveys going downhill

    I skip all surveys for your-surveys.com. I found their accusatorial methods and very unfriendly conduct atrocious. Sure, I don't get as many points but I also don't have to deal with their aggravation. when one of their surveys come up, I back page and keep doing that for each successive survey, until gone.
  7. rosiesmom

    Tellwut Rave!

    And then this morning I get up and wait around and got only 1 survey so far. So at 8:30 CST, only 1.
  8. Is it any use to folk in the UK, too many survey sites assume you're American?
  9. CatShaw54

    Branded Surveys going downhill

    I've had a lot of problems with the surveys not redirecting to Branded which means I do not get credit for taking the survey. Sometimes I report it and they usually credit the points but I do make sure to be detailed about the survey content and provide links and even screenshots. But sometimes I just don't bother. It seems that point values for surveys are lower lately and you never get a 30 point bonus anymore for a DQ.
  10. jonathantiny

    How To Check: Survey Opinion Legit or Scam

    One of the survey test I tried is a kind of website.com. It says take the survey test as a requirement to get paid or take the cash out.But after taking the survey test it redirects and loading again and again so you have to retake the test again.
  11. There are lot of survey opinions appeared online but how will you know wether its legit or a scam?
  12. footfree

    Harris Poll has changed

    They kicked me out when I complained about them to the Bbb- then months and months later they said they were sorry gave me the $5 they owed me and said they would let me start taking surveys again, however they never did.I say good riddance they don't like to pay people for surveys done and if you complain to much they will more then likely kick you out.
  13. I also got another $1 a few days later I mean I had like 925 so to give me a dollar for the quarter is nice of them.
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