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    My Survey

    I'm not jumping to conclusions.....I can only go by the facts that I have....no response to HELP; no survey invites; no new surveys; no quick polls.....I have REPEATEDLY SENT EMAIL REQUESTS TO THE HELP DESK....NO RESPONSE!
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  5. NFriday

    You Gov- Rave

    I heard back from yougov today, and because it was their fault that I got the extra Amazon GC, they told me I could keep it and cash it in. That was nice of them.
  6. Most survey sites don't ask for ss# or even a home address, just email, how would the irs know if you made over 600 dollars?
  7. Chris0239

    Tax forms and reported earnings for surveys?

    Why would you give them your ss#, what if you don't, what can they do about that,track you down by your email, and no home address, I don't get it.
  8. peach6

    Harris Poll has changed

    I have had the same thing But I Would get an email for a survey from them and then it would say Ihave already done a survey today and I didn't.
  9. NevadaJones

    Famous People Ranking Survey (MySurvey)

    Agree. But I only do the penny surveys when I've exhausted all other options everywhere and still want to do something. Still kinda pathetic, I know.
  10. Hi Everyone! I am now in my final year of my Product Design degree and for my final design project I have chosen the very current topic of 'Everyday Sexism'. I would really appreciate it if you would take a few moments (it should take 10 mins max!) to complete it! P.S it's anonymous **Please Share** The more response I get the better! || Remember there are no wrong answers! Thank you in advance! https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5D8JSWY
  11. Lurkergirl

    Harris Poll has changed

    I got a survey from them I did it and of course, they can't credit me for 24-48 hours. I then got sent a second invite to a different survey from them and clicked on it came back as sorry our records indicate you took a survey today come back again another day to try . Hmm so now its 1 survey a day with them? This seems strange never heard of any place doing this before has anyone else had this happen.
  12. Sandy01

    Swagbucks change to their policyi this will HURT

    I did one survey recently that went for 20 minutes - I hit submit and got told I had been dq'd and earned one lousy point. Tired of these companies getting feedback they want then finding a way out of awarding points. Rewardia and Pure Profile have been good so far but they are the only two I use now.
  13. NFriday

    Sears is filing for bankruptcy

    Sears officially filed for bankruptcy today, but I heard that they are going to try to reorganize. I did not know that they did not have the catalog anymore. They got rid of it in 1993. My mother used to order tons of stuff from Sears and Penny's catalog.
  14. I am not eligible for most of the cint surveys I get from pi-opinion, which is okay by me, since they don't pay very much, and I refuse to do a $.18 survey.
  15. 5 points for 3 minutes is still only $1 an hour. After about 10 minutes I would have exited the survey.
  16. seven

    SurveyPolice got a shout out

  17. seven

    Anybody here live in Florida?

    Nope. I'm in North Alabama.
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