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  2. NevadaJones


    I've also not had to do this, and I've redeemed many, many times, even as recently as last week. Go figure.
  3. mnleona


    I have not had to do this and just redeemed yesterday.
  4. Today
  5. I wear a mask whenever I go out but our governor lifted the mask mandate some time ago that is why are numbers keep going up He's an idiot
  6. pansyrhonda


    Yes. do it.
  7. Has anyone else had to submit a driver's license to Swagbucks? I've accumulated a fair amount of points, but I'm not comfortable with giving them my driver's license. They say that it is their policy. True???
  8. NFriday

    Valued Opinions

    It took me forever, but I made $25 on Valued Opinion today, and I thought I was going to be eligible for a $100 market research project, but I was not. I forget what it was on. I finally ran out of surveys to do. I cashed out for a $20 Amazon GC today, and I already got it. I have $52 left in my account. They charge you $22 for a $20 Amazon GC. Sometimes I do really well with them sometimes, and sometimes I make $2.50 after spending two hours doing surveys. They have gotten lots of one star reviews on SP mostly because people got dumped by them.
  9. The govenor of Missouri is very anti mask, and won't release the study because it encourages people to wear masks.
  10. I have not seen this one.
  11. I guess I am not alone on how I look.
  12. I am retired so I have time to do them.
  13. Yesterday
  14. mnleona

    political surveys

    I am seeing more political again.
  15. I have seen some that say I go too fast.
  16. Did you send them a message?
  17. mnleona


    I forget to do them but I find the Walmart do best for me.
  18. Were you able to do the video?
  19. I like My Points, Branded (Mintvine), Swagbucks, and Tellwut. I am 83 so do not qualify a lot but these work for me.
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