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  2. NevadaJones

    Silly Weird question on surveys

    One of my favorite questions recently asked whether hot dogs had a positive or negative effect on my local community.
  3. jadun

    Kroger Survey

    One thing you must notice that kroger feedback survey is running to know the Customers opinion about their last visit.Recently, Survey prize of the kroger increased to $5000. Just imagine how much is it when compared to 2010 prize.
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  6. I am looking for information about what will be real price Farm fresh vegetables supplies expected $3.00 dividend-) Shasha, Nigeria More info here
  7. Brachra

    Opino quest

    Did you even read this thread? This thread establishes Opinioquest as an illegitimate survey company if you bother to read through. You will need critical comprehension skills in order to digest this information. I thought that that was what this survey community was looking for, a heads-up to bad players in the survey industry. Oh well, I am out now and I leave you to form your own opinions, however misguided those may be. Good luck. Sorry, but the knowledge pool on Survey Police has been a little bit lacking, LOL.
  8. Yesterday
  9. dawn_b_adams

    Opino quest

    Maybe stop trolling and arguing with Schludermann. It’s getting old.
  10. I’ve never heard of superpay. I have the app from Qmee, and they run hot and cold. I hadn’t seen anything from them in about a week, then all of a sudden six surveys out there, and I made over a dollar yesterday. You can contact Qmee support. They do have a support section. Not sure about superpay though.
  11. Marc_2001

    Silly Weird question on surveys

    Sometimes I think that the people who make up surveys are a pack of lunatics.
  12. Up until about a week ago, between Superpay.me and Qmee, I was making up to 15.00 a day. Now, I'm getting nothing from either site. Does anybody here think that they are deliberately cutting me out?
  13. Vodkapirate

    Harrispoll online

    Glad to hear it!
  14. Marks

    One Opinion Website Slow

    It seems now to be a monthly thing happening. Did you get unpaused? make sure you do!
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