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  3. Their rewards are garbage.
  4. https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/WJNZ3QY Please complete it asap!!
  5. daraaa

    Sample Cube Surveys

    I personally think that all the survey routers/senders are notorious and only qualify the panelists whom they have close relationship. They perhaps do not have expertise to choose a right panelist. To name a few of that type of unethical and notorious survey routers/senders are Sample Cube, Samplicio.us, Yuno Survey, Your survey etc. They have become nightmares and I don't know when we the panelists would be free from their dirty claws.
  6. NFriday

    This lounge needs a pub or something.

    I live right outside of Chicago in Evanston, and the state has over 9,000 cases, with the majority of them in Chicago, suburban Cook county, and the collar counties. In Evanston we have a population of 70,000, and we have 89 cases so far. One of the hospitals in Evanston is doing their own test, and so it is easier for people to get tested. The Governor did a mandatory stay at home that was supposed to end on 3/31. He just extended it to 4/30. I was supposed to go to my dentist on 4/1, and she called me up a few days ago, and rescheduled me for 5/4. I had to go to the bank to get a roll of quarters, and the branch I usually go to is by appointment only, and so I had to call up another branch that has drive up to see if they were open because they were not listed as being open, but they were not listed as being closed. I found out that they were open and so I drove there. The only other times I have gone out in the last three weeks is to go to the grocery store, and It just drains me. I go early in the morning because there are less customers there, and plus the shelves are not as empty, When I went to Jewel Monday though they still did not have all of the stuff I wanted, but they did have toilet paper. I then went down the street to Trader Joe's, and because the store is smaller, they were limiting how many people were allowed in the store. I was able to get in the Senior line and so it took me only 10 minutes to get to enter the store, but the younger crowd probably had to wait outside for 30 minutes and it was cold. I wish Trump would make the whole country stay at home. If he did that this would not last as long. The Governor of Florida just instituted a mandatory stay at home, but he is allowing people to go to church which is crazy.
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  8. FussyEater

    RewardsCentral should be added to SurveyPolice

    totally agree with the author
  9. NevadaJones

    One Opinion

    Think they were bought out by Dynata some months ago, and that's when things started going bad.
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