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  2. Gandalf1


    They were having a few minor issues, not being able to log onto site, no surveys etc., for a couple of weeks, but all fixed now...well I'm not having any issues? I check pretty much each day, and there are surveys available, not that I get a lot of them completed, but I am getting surveys.
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  4. sageandcinnamon

    Recording You While Taking a Survey?

    That last part made me laugh, because I tend to do a lot of surveys late at night in bed, and I am NOT letting anyone see me like that. No makeup, sometimes my hair in a messy bun...they may use me as a "before" picture in a "before and after" ad. lol Seriously, though, I back out of any surveys that ask for recordings or photos too. I'm one of those paranoid people who keep my camera covered on my laptop. I just don't think they need to see your face while you're taking a survey. It's very intrusive.
  5. Administrator

    New Survey App: Media Rewards App

    Media Rewards App has just been added to the SurveyPolice directory. Install the mobile app to passively earn chances to win $2000 in monthly cash prize. Winners lists published monthly. Prizes awarded via PayPal. Occasional opportunities to complete surveys for gift cards. Excellent reviews on Google Play and Apple store. USA, Australia, UK, India, Mexico residents only. » CLICK HERE TO JOIN - mobile devices only.
  6. gso3006

    One opinion

    It has been over a week since I have had a survey from them. Their site says they are out looking for more clients?
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  8. Whoops, sorry I misunderstood!
  9. schludermann

    Recent Fetch Rewards Experiences?

    I was just curious if I could do it, and get credit. I'll find out if lottery tickets pass muster with them. Fetch didn't recognize "Texas Lotto", so I had to manually type in the Store, H-E-B.
  10. I had a few panels that performed a video scan at the start, I think this is a check for bots and individuals taking the same survey multiple times. If the survey wants more, they are going to have to pay for it and none have.
  11. No I did not get paid for any of the zoom sessions I did that day. They were just three different groups I am a member of. I think I have only been paid for two zoom sessions since the pandemic started. Most focus groups do not want people who have done focus groups recently. I have a friend that has been doing tons of zoom sessions a day including exercise classes and church services and various meetings. A Chicago area foodie group that I am a member of had a group of people in the Northern suburbs that met via Zoom a couple of times per month to eat lunch together. They now feel it is safe to meet at restaurants instead.
  12. Good money in that! WTG! I've been invited to a few of these but not many
  13. I guess I have never gotten any surveys that asked to film me for just $1. I have gotten a few that asked me to do a video or take pictures and submit them for just a dollar or two, and I always pass on those. Since the pandemic started I have done tons of Zoom sessions on line though. One day I did three in one day.
  14. Hospitality 1391, I agree with all you have said. So maybe we are both a bit paranoid? But I don't think so. I think we are just being careful. Better safe than sorry.
  15. I was referring only to survey sites that pay you a few points or maybe the equivalent of a $1 or so and ask permission to record you for this absolute minimal amount. I refuse to allow my kids or myself to be recorded as I consider this a total invasion of privacy. I don't know what is done with these recordings or what is gotten from facial recognition software or how that is used. Zoom recordings are a totally different matter. I believe that you know in advance that you will be using zoom and prior to the activity those involved have given their consent. When you take a survey you are asked to be recorded without any notice for a few pennies more. I have taken part in zoom focus groups and I have no problem with that. What I I strongly object to i being asked on the spot to give my permission to be recorded or use facial recognition. I immediately back out of such surveys and move on and I will continue to do so. Does anyone here ever consent to being recorded or allowing a survey site to use facial recognition software while taking an one-the-spot survey for a very small compensation? PS Am I the only one who might be taking a survey in various stages of undress or in a nightgown with night cream on my face? I don't want anyone to see me like that! :)
  16. I sing with a group, and after the pandemic started, and it looked like it would not be safe to meet in person, we started meeting via zoom. We finally just started doing live rehearsals a few weeks ago, but we are semi social distanced, and we all have to wear a mask, and everybody has to be vaccinated, even though we did not have to show them proof of vaccination. We wear a singer's mask, and for those people that are still uncomfortable singing in person, they can rehearse with us via zoom. We also now limit our rehearsals to one hour. Another group I am involved in that meets once a month, also currently meets only via zoom, and the community garden that I have a garden at, meets via zoom for both our fall and spring meetings. There is a foodie group that also meets via zoom, and I occasionally attend their meetings. Also I have given out my home address a few times for focus groups because they mail me the check. I had one focus group maybe three years ago, where I had to test a new product from Dawn, and I did not give it a favorable review, and they wanted me to cook something, and they then came to my house to see how I used the product when I cleaned up the dirty dishes. They reimbursed me for my food too. That one I think I made $300 on. Yes I am careful about who I give my address to, but if that is the only way I will make $300, I will give it to them. I live in a condo building too, and so I have to buzz people in. Our condo association board meets once a month via Zoom too.
  17. Hospitality1391

    Recording You While Taking a Survey?

    I never agree to let them record me. How do I know what they are going to do with it? I also never agree to give them my home address because being so casual about my personal safety would undo all of my efforts to have security in my home at a time when the police, who were always all smoke and mirrors in the first place, are now being de-funded. I also will not work with survey sites which immediately want me to sign away all of my rights. They do it before you have even qualified for anything so I can guarantee you that you will "disqualify" after giving the site information they are going to sell no matter how much they may claim otherwise. Call me paranoid, but I used to work in court stenography so cyberspace is not a place to do anything which makes you uncomfortable. Listen to your instincts. Most crime victims ignored that voice telling them not to do what they then did. Use a different email address for surveys than what you use for bank accounts or whatever too. If you have a business address, that is your address for market research too and not where you sleep or where your children may be left alone. I'm serious. In my opinion, you should cover up any web cam on your computer even if you are allowed to decline to be recorded.
  18. Most market research firms now do most of their panels via Zoom because of the pandemic, although a few are live. I did one a few months ago. If they want to pay me $100 for doing a Zoom survey, I will do it. If they just want to pay me $1, that would be a different matter. I did a panel for 20/20 probably six months ago that was a Zoom panel too. Even the live panels are taped. .
  19. I had not thought about the credit card info. I used to pay with cash a lot more than I do now. The only place I pay with cash now is the farmers market, and last year I often paid with my debit card there, because some of the sellers there did not want to give cash back, but this year they will. I've found out that when I pay with my debit card, I'm not as aware of how much I am spending. The grocery store I shop at most Jewel does not allow you to pay with cash if you use their self checkout. I am just saying that you can not submit 100 receipts in a month. That is all I have accumulated this week is two receipts. I don't go out to eat that much, and it takes me tmonths to go through a tank of gas. I am wondering why the want a receipt of a lottery ticket purchase though? What is in it for them?
  20. schludermann

    Recent Fetch Rewards Experiences?

    I turned off location services, so that fetch doesn't have record of my GPS. the iPhone reported that they were very keen on retail locations I had persisted at for a while. They probably watch were you've been. Yesterday I bought a texas lottery ticket for the powerball, 450mil, and fetch took that. I don't shop stores that much, so I pick up receipts. I have a Sharpie in my pocket. If folding the receipt doesn't obscure the Credit card info, I redact it.
  21. It seems to me that more and more survey sites want to use my webcam to record me while I am taking a survey. Or they want to use my webcam for what they call "facial recognition". I consider this a serious invasion of privacy and always terminate the survey when they ask for this and I am NOT given the option to proceed with the survey without being recorded.. I especially find this offensive when one of my kids is taking the survey appropriate for them. (I always stay by the side of my child when they take these surveys) How do you feel about being recorded while taking a survey or the use of facial recognition software?
  22. I believe the Zelle and/or Paypal payment system is what you are linking your CoinOut account to through the API . I don't use CoinOut so I am going by what I read in their TOS. https://www.coinout.com/pages/terms I agree though. For only a few dollars it is a pretty big deal to allow third party companies access to your bank/credit account. On the other hand I wish these companies would all start offering Zelle or even CashApp as a payment option. I don't fully trust any of them but year by year I seem to lose a little more trust in Paypal and I think it is time for another option to get paid in cash.
  23. trevorpee


    I'm in the UK but my experience is the same as yours, Dawn. If Prolific and QMee ever went tits up I'd make hardly anything.
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