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  3. jberri12

    Loyalty means nothing to survey companies

    I agree with what was said above. I have been doing surveys on-line since 2007. I have also been tracking my income from panels since then as well. As time goes on I have dropped certain panels and signed up for others. I recently dropped Branded because the income I was making from the panel dropped by over 50% last year. I was also getting accused of rushing, etc. Overall though my income has dropped over time, which I primarily attribute to greed by the market research companies. The reason I stick with it is I like the extra income. I know the panels don't care about us. We are just "data" to them. They need data to sell their product (market research), so because they can't get it for free, they are forced to pay us to get it. But they are constantly trying to minimize payments to us because we are just a business expense. So I expect to get treated poorly because they just don't care. I don't like it, but that is the reality.
  4. Njsurveyman

    MicroSurvey apps to fill time, post yours

    Thanks for the suggestions. I heard of google opinion, but I believe they only pay you in google app credit, not paypal. I have not heard of survey monkey rewards, until now. I will check them out.
  5. Yikes! Yeah, I heard some bad things about Branded recently as well. They already failed to pay me a few times for completing full surveys, but so far no problems with their daily poll. Fortright is ok, but I never bother with their outside surveys, only the ones they actually give you DQ credit. I heard too many bad things about Swagbucks to even bother. I also hate inbox dollars...another company that scammed me several years ago. Tellwut is another one I fell out of love with since they require you take a few full surveys and not DQ from, in order to keep taking the poll questions. It became much too long to accumulate points with them. Yes, I check Paidviewpoint every day (where i make at least 10 cents). They are probably the best one around these days. Pollpass is fun too! I also enjoy Parttimeclicks, which pays 20-25 cents for each websearching task you complete. They tend to offer me 3-4 tasks per day.
  6. I participate in a number of very short app based surveys and I'm sure there are a number more. I use these surveys to fill idle time, riding transit, waiting in line, at the doctor's office and such. usually complete in a few minuets and if I have to abandon, not much loss. The two I've used with satisfying results are: SurveyMonkey Rewards - usually under 5 min, pays 25¢ - $1, 10¢ for a screen out, payout threshold is $5 and redemption is usually in the same day. Google Opinion Rewards - 10¢ to 50¢, based on location, and activities. There is no referral program, so just search on the name. However, understand these panels will throttle if junk answers are submitted.
  7. Joyce65

    Loyalty means nothing to survey companies

    I was just going to start a topic about rushing answers. Tonight Branded Surveys is accusing me of rushing my answers. But how long do they think I should take answering the standard questions about my age, gender, race, etc.? I haven't changed the way I've been doing their surveys. I've been with them forever & I don't ever recall having had a problem with them before. Also the "proving you're not a bot" thing is ridiculous. I had one survey that required me to write an essay about my favorite childhood experience, then a Recapcha (& the pics weren't clear), then they rerouted me to another survey company just to do it all over again. But I'm not supposed to provide snarky answers to voice my frustration. I waste most of my time jumping through hoops. For what? A few pennies?! Maybe they need to fix things on their side to prevent bots. GRRR.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Huh, hard to say, last encounter with them before it all happened was the 21st when I had a pretty good run being able to take 4-5 surveys back to back, maybe that set them off. In any case, you'd think they could just freaking TELL people.
  10. Cliche01

    California Opinion Survey

    No, but there again, I don't live in California, maybe you do and it's a perfectly legit thing you got sent simply because you take surveys. There again, the 'noreply' thing has me leery, suggesting there is no way to contact whoever sent you the e-mail. Curious what others have to say.
  11. Yesterday I received an invite to some survey that I have not heard of nor been a member of before. It was sent from CA Survey Research <[email protected]>. Has anybody else received an invite from this outfit and if so is it legit?
  12. NevadaJones

    tellwut surveys?

    I don't qualify for that many, but between the ones I do qualify for and the points from the daily user-generated surveys, it adds up fast enough to keep me using the site.
  13. Sandy21

    tellwut surveys?

    I barely ever qualify for ANY surveys. Does anyone else have this problem?
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