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  2. episemion

    Well, suppose it is my fault ...

    Maybe some people have to check.
  3. Yesterday
  4. dawn_b_adams

    $1 to $5 per Survey

    I’ve reported the OP three times as spam/scam and it’s still sitting here.
  5. dawn_b_adams

    Posting a Link? Your Post Will Be Moderated

    I’m so glad you all are doing this. There has been quite a bit of spam lately. Thanks for all that you do.
  6. rosiesmom

    Need Opinion

    I thought Swagbucks and Mypoints were related as well. I do SB and I seem to do better with them. I did Inbox years ago and gave them the boot after cashing out once in 2 years. They were a get paid to click site at that time. Never really got too many surveys.
  7. rosiesmom

    Well, suppose it is my fault ...

    Don't beat yourself up over it, you did your best.
  8. episemion

    lifepoints panel issue

    Two things to try. Open a ticket in the Help Center. Use the Rewards option as that does not require a survey number. Ask them to check the account and see why you are not receiving surveys. The other thing to try is to leave a message via their Facebook page.
  9. episemion

    University survey

    Go ahead and sign up for SurveySavvy. Their surveys vary from $.50 to $5.00 and there have been some higher.
  10. Last week
  11. SheldonB

    lifepoints panel issue

    My problem with Lifepoints is that I haven't received a survey March 2020. Every time I login I get a screen that says "New surveys coming soon" and a message that says "Need help? use message code PS_501" I can't find what the code means or why I'm not getting any surveys. I've been logging in several times a week.
  12. Had invite for survey (one of the cint companies). In the preamble there was a warning that I must spend 10 - 15 seconds on each question. If rushed I would be disqualified. First question, “Are you male, female etc”. Now how long would it take you to answer that?
  13. Scoamy

    Somebody won a million dollars in the Monopoly game

    You are so concerned about this monopoly win, but mate, this is all about hazard.
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