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  2. OpinionRewards Rave

    I have been a member of this site for a while and it takes quite a while to get enough points for a $25 gift card. If you are dq'd you get a token to use on a spin to get something, at least something, for your time. This morning I had 4 tokens, so I went to the spinner and used them all up. On the very last one I said out loud "it would be nice to get 500 points, that would be sweet", and I hit the play button. Better than 500 points, I wont a $25 Home Depot card! Super!! We are painting our living room and hall in a few weeks, and that will help pay for a gallon of paint! Woot!!!!
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  4. Anybody here with Pi-Opinion

    Wont do cint ,do not want them giving away my personal info.At least they ask up front but I think I will stay away from them.Cant say one good thing about them ,so why join?
  5. I can't join some new surveys

    Are you using Mozilla or Firefox?If so use a different browser like Chrome I bet you will have better luck that way.There is a reason like the new security issues that Microsoft has been using on firefox that prevent some sites from working.At least that is how I think someone explained it before.
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  7. I was just on slickdeals, and somebody posted there yesterday that somebody in Idaho Falls, Idago won one fo the million dollar prizes in the Monopoly game which is being played at Safeway, Albertsons, Shaws, Randalls, Acme, Jewelosco and all other stores that are owned by Albertson's, and yes Albertson's now owns Safeway. I am confused because Albertson's used to own Jewel, but I thought a holding company took over the stores a few years ago. I don't know if that means there will not be a second chance drawing or not. If nobody won the million, there was supposed a drawing to pick two second chance winners. This is only the second year somebody has won the million by collecting the tickets. There is one rare piece for each of the two million dollar prizes. The game ends May 8th. All I have won has been lots of free items, including 4 packages of gravy mix that I will never use, two bottles of aspirin and two bagels. Everybody seems to be getting tons of coupons for free gravy mix.
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  9. Update to surveys gone bad....

    As long as she is 18 and you are supporting her, and she lives there, that is what they usually ask.
  10. They aren't using the right "protocol' The message below is what I get. The underline is to blank out the website. I get this message a lot lately; not only for surveys, but also news sites, medical sites, etc. I have tried to figure out how to change it, but wasted 2 days with no results. I could cry. ;( Does anyone know how to cure this? I'm losing out on a lot ot stuff over it. This site can’t provide a secure connection ________________ uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH Hide details The client and server don't support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite. This is likely to be caused when the server needs RC4, which is no longer considered secure.
  11. Got a chance to do a survey over the phone for them.Said I would be paid $10 or points for my time.However since I don't have a survey number how am I to know when to be paid?I asked the women she thought I would be paid in 2 weeks.I couldn't even remember who I got the invite from she had to remind me she said it was either one opinion or My view-so I knew who it was after that.Last time I did a survey for them like this I don't remember having any problems -crossing my fingers I don't with this.
  12. 200 for 6 hours isnt bad -that's better pay then some jobs.I would do it.
  13. I've gotten a few market research studies from 20/20, but I am always DQ. They don't usually pay as much. Most of the surveys are less than $100, but I believe the great majority of them are done online. I just got an email yesterday from another place about a study in Chicago that pays $250, but I haven't heard back from them. It sounds like it is one of the mock jury ones, where you are there all day, and that is why they pay so much I did one of those maybe five years ago that paid $200 and I was there for 6 hours.
  14. Survey sites gone bad.

    Probably better you drop them before they drop you.
  15. Crime and the media

    I will study too hard! thank you and greetings
  16. Update to surveys gone bad....

    So I should say I do have a 18 year old at home?That would helpful to have another year.I mean she still lives at home so I am supporting her.
  17. Too bad. You learned a hard lesson. Do you know how much that focus group would have paid? They generally pay very well. I did one through Focus Forward a few weeks ago that paid 125.00 for two hours of my time. And it can be difficult to get picked for a focus group. I was trying for what seemed like forever to get picked for one of their focus groups and finally did it. And had to go through the screener to make sure I qualified.
  18. In a nutshell here's what happened. I answered the online questions on a Thursday about some products. I had seen one before but never tried it. I'm in Walmart over the weekend and see it and say, "Oh I just saw that in a survey. I'm going to try it." 20/20 calls me on Tuesday. We go thru the screener and she's asking me if I ever had the products (I answer truthfully). At the end, she lets me know they may not be able to use me because I said yes to the product that I had just bought in Walmart! She said she would still submit me but I knew that was it. (The focus group was today so I didn't get picked.) I was so mad at myself! My advice: never buy a product for the first time if there's a possible focus group on the line! Lol
  19. My Swagbucks account was deactivated

    Katrinka just a thought .Could you have a duplicate account you are unaware of? Might you have signed up with Swagbucks before and forgot about it? You can sign up with Swagbucks through a lot of other survey sites. I can't remember how I signed up since it was so long ago. They told me it is one account per person which I knew. But if more than one person lives in a household each one can have an account. But their customer service is really bad. I don't want to pester them too much so I waited until now to send them a follow up. But three weeks is a long time to wait. Hopefully the delay has to do with them figuring out what is going on and how to fix it. I always liked Swagbucks and this is the first time I ever had an issue with them. I would earn enough Swagbucks to do a 25.00 PayPal cash out about once a month. And I can't do that on a lot of my other sites. So I am really hoping I can get my account reactivated very soon. And 500 Swagbucks for a 5.00 Amazon card is a great deal too which you can't do on many other sites.
  20. My Swagbucks account was deactivated

    Maybe I am dumb but what is SOL? But here is my latest update. They emailed me late in March and told me I had duplicate accounts. They gave me the other email address and it isn't mine. It was a G mail address and the name in it was some kind of Middle East name from Israel or Pakistan or a place like that. I am almost 100% sure my account was hacked because do you remember that I said somebody ordered a 15.00 Amazon gift card on my account and I never received the code so I am out 1500 points? But for some reason they kept the second account the one someone opened in my name and deactivated my account the one I have had for many years. They said that other account was bigger whatever that means so that is why they kept that one active. I wrote back to them and said that other account wasn't mine and I believe I was hacked. Then on March 30 they responded and asked for my birthdate to verify my account and I sent them that on that day. Haven't heard anything from them since then so I sent them a follow up email this morning asking when is this issue with duplicate accounts going to be resolved. I just hope this doesn't take months to resolve like My Survey did. My Survey had my account deactivated for months and then one day got an email telling me my account was active again. It was deactivated for so long I had pretty much given up any hope it would ever be reactivated.
  21. 10 to 20 points is not a reasonable time, if you're a Tellwut member and if that happens you need to tell us so that we can look into it and give you some points for your time. That usually because of bad survey practices made by one of the suppliers. The normal time span should be within a few minutes (definitely under 5, but it really depends on how long the length of the entire survey is).
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