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  2. I've had those as well. They come from Spectrum. The only issue I have is that the survey initially says 500 points , but upon completion is 250.
  3. You have to be careful in assessing if a site charges or not. Where you earn cash , a fee would be obvious. Most sites pay in points and therefore can hide the fee in the points. For example , if a site charges 3000 points for a $20 Paypal payout , are 1500 points equal to $10 or is it more like 1250 points = $10 and the extra 250 points are the fee? MySurvey and Mypoints are excellent examples.
  4. Did anybody get a survey from oneopinion that took 30 minutes and only gave you 250 points? Part of the survey you had to press either the up or down button on your computer, and you have to rate emotions and you had to rate Will Smith, Amazon Prime and Hyatt. I almost did not finish it.
  5. I just got paid it was 30 minutes and the pay was $100 .It was a Visa debit card I had the choice between an online one or them sending it to me so I choose the physical card.
  6. footfree

    Mysoapbox beta

    I didn't do the switch- I was to lazy to do it.Never make anything with them anyways.
  7. Crowdology wil take a small portion off your cashout amount. Not too much, though.
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  9. Hello all, We're trying to figure out which survey sites charge and don't charge a PayPal fee for cash redemptions. In other words, which survey sites deduct between 1-3% of your requested cashout amount, and which award the full amount (i.e. you request $10, you get the full $10)? If you get dinged by PayPal itself when you transfer your money to your bank account, that's a separate issue; for most people this is free (business accounts especially may have different rules) . Can you help us out? Here's what we have so far (we will update these lists as information comes in): Survey sites that do not charge a fee for PayPal withdrawls: Branded Surveys Citizenme Digital Reflection Panel EPoll Surveys Forthright Future Talkers Global Test Market Ipsos i-Say Maru Voice (Canada only) MOBROG Myiyo Mypoints MySurvey OneOpinion Opinion Outpost OpinionWorld Paidviewpoint Pinecone Research PointClub Shopalong Smart Panel Surveyeah SurveyEveryOne Surveynetwork.co.uk (UK only) The Panel Station Toluna Univox Community YouGov Survey sites that charge a fee for PayPal withdrawls: Crowdology Opini Panel Champ Surveygoo (UK only) Also, if we're forgetting any sites that are not on this list, please let us know and we'll add them here. Thanks for your help everyone!!!
  10. pokesalad1952

    Post News about Survey Panels Here!

    Has anyone had trouble with Reward Shopping? I saved my points up to get a $100 Amazon gift card. I requested on March 21, 2018 and haven't got it yet. They have it listed that I requested it but each day the count is listed as number of days delayed. It is now up to 87. I have emailed them several times and always get the generic reply but no answer to my email with questions about my reward. I am going to email them again today. I have redeemed with them a couple of times before with no problem.
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    I'm not on Facebook. If I don't get an answer to my email then I'll lose them in my bookmarks.
  13. NevadaJones


    Excellent idea! And I don't know about anyone else, but I always, always, always spend more time doing a survey than the time estimated. Am I paying too much attention or overthinking things?
  14. NevadaJones


    Would there also be a chance you'd get no reward at all? Maybe only a sweeps entry or the like? No. No good.
  15. NaomiNo

    Opinions or advice regarding YouGov

    For those who didn't see the other thread about this, I requested the bank transfer and the money was in my checking account in 5 days.
  16. GammiWoo

    Any other survey boards out there?

    Just reddit. I kind of love/hate it, lol. It's very comprehensive, though, and you can find entire forums (much like here-NOT as well moderated) on a specific survey site, etc. They have "beermoney" which I use and also work online and something called "churning" which I am both fascinated by and never, ever doing, lol!
  17. pansyrhonda

    Opinion Bar Surveys

    Forgot to say thank you!!!!!
  18. pansyrhonda

    Opinion Bar Surveys

    Really! They keep sending surveys. Definitely going to quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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