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  3. nj07208


    I posted my survey log above and my last cash out was in there. I cashed out for Paypal 2/4 and rec'd it 3/8. What did you cash out for?
  4. footfree


    It's now April the 13th and no payout.I cashed out on the 1st of March so where is my money? Seems long enough for me.
  5. vercetti2021


    So apparently I didn't know a survey redirecting site could block anyone. Normally I thought the panels that provide the surveys do that. But this is new to me. Now the bad thing. A lot of sites use this platform for their surveys and I've been getting auto disqualifier every time they popped up on my sites. Branded, Tellwut, or Univox. So I wrote Branded and they said that they have blocked me and they have no power to change that. So I'm sitting here with my jaw to the floor that a provider can block someone. Like I have no idea where to even go for this. I mean no way to contact
  6. Last week
  7. I just need 10 more participants to get the data required for my Masters Dissertation. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take some time to complete my survey https://forms.gle/1xikFAbPcX4Lr8Ba9
  8. sageandcinnamon

    Erewards asked me if ............

    With most survey sites, No. With a Dynata owned site, HELL No!
  9. On 4/2 I got a survey to do and I completed it .It said I would receive a gift card within a week however nothing.I sent out a email today to see whats happening but I don't ever remember them not paying me on time. Anyone else do this survey? Also I will admit I did screw up and pressed the wrong button.It asked if I worked and I said no but I do.I wanted to go back and correct but they don't have a back button.However at the end I did correct it by saying I worked x amount of hours.I know I screwed up but info like that shouldn't exclude me from getting paid.
  10. dawn_b_adams

    Erewards asked me if ............

    I sure as hell would never do this. If the survey site insisted, I would simply dump them. No way am I giving them this information so they can steal my identity and clean out my bank accounts. Having had identity theft happen to me twice, I’m very careful.
  11. genmar

    Dynata is the most dishonest company

    I haven't had problems redeeming with Dynata. My big gripe is everyday, before you are allowed to take a survey, you need to answer a "prescreener" about COVID symtoms so they can help track how widespread COVID is. Now, I have never had COVID nor any member of my household, but I am sick of this question. My state tested upwards of 50,000 people everyday. I don't think they need help to determine how widespread COVID is. Why does Dynata need to know my health status in order for me to take a survey?
  12. genmar


    Yes, it is money, but my husband and I had the same problem. We seemed to get many survey until we were close to redeeming, then they came at a slow drip the last dollar or so we needed cash out took forever. Then we redeemed and closed our account.
  13. Got a reply and they are aware and working on it..
  14. I have been seeing this with other survey sites, asking to submit personal identification. Does anyone REALLY do this?
  15. For the last few days I have been getting the following strange message when I try to log in or in the middle of attempting to take a survey. I've emailed them but so far no response. sf symfony Oops! An Error Occurred The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error". Something is broken Please e-mail us at [email] and let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. What's next Back to previous page Go to Homepage Anyone else getting this odd message? Th
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