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    I wish we had you around when we get mean e-mails, peach6!

    For the 4000 Tellwut points we announce the winner on Facebook on Friday's at 12 (like JD said, thanks JD!) And we also e-mail the winner directly to let them they won.
  4. There was lots of talk of this in the forum, just search it.
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  6. I ended up downloading the two documents. I misread the email, and I thought I would have to send the two documents with a zip drive. I found out the two documents were in a zip drive, and had to pull each one up, and do a bunch of steps before I could print it, and then I had to do the same thing with the other document. I ended up going to the public library, and the person overseeing the computer lab showed me what to do because I could not get them to print. The study is done by I then had to log on today and set up a password. They then asked me to download a photo of myself. I would rather not, but there was no way they would let me continue with the project until I did. I then had problems because I did not have a picture that was in jpg format. It took me an hour along with two calls to a friend of mine to figure out how to do it. I had never worked with paint before. They then had me download two more pictures while I was answering the questions they asked me. The second half of the project takes place tomorrow, and then I get my money in a month. I am sure they will have me download more pictures tomorrow. This is way more involved than I thought it would be.
  7. Crowdology

    Anyone here on Crowdology? Are you having any issue logging in? The site was working just fine until a few weeks ago. Now , I can open the site , but when I try to log in , I get "cannot connect to". Nothing has been changed or added on this end. The issue happens no matter what browser is used (have tried IE , Firefox , Opera , and Safari). The site support says the message indicates that either I am using a proxy or VPN (have neither) or that I no longer am in the US or the UK. Have always lived in the same city here in NY. Browser caches and temp files have been cleared as well as the DNS cache flushed. Crowdology is the only site where this happens. Anyone have any clues what the issue could be?

    I didn't know either but I found the winner on their Facebook page and it was posted @ 12 noon EST last Friday.

    Newbie to Tellwut and so I was wondering when is the drawing for the 4,000 points ? I see its weekly just curious when it happens and how you know who won

    They need to get a life
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  12. I'm in Canada & we haven't changed to Life Points here..that's why I was asking about the program..are you on it? what's it like?
  13. Hello. My name is Jordan Shomo and I am a junior attending University High School in Morgantown, West Virginia. I am currently enrolled in a course called AP Research. This class is part of a two-year program, known as the Capstone Program, that prepares high school students for college-level research. This is a relatively new program, and it offers incredible opportunities to high school students like me who wish to challenge ourselves in order to prepare for college.I am currently researching Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and its implications in the treatment of adolescent schizophrenic patients. For my research course, I am looking for participants in my survey. I have designed a survey that has undergone IRB approval from the University High School IRB Committee. All survey responses will remain anonymous, and the surveys do not ask for any identifying personal information. Any patient participating in this survey may do so of their own volition.Ultimately, the purpose of this study is to assess the treatment of schizophrenia with animal-assisted therapy. I hope to publish my research after review from the College Board and contribute to the ongoing discussion in the therapy field. This study is approaching the topic from a broad-scope, so the only inclusion criteria for this study is a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Additionally, participants must be at least 15 years of age. I greatly appreciate your consideration and hope that you are willing to engage in this challenge alongside me!Thank You.Jordan Shomo

    There's one person whose blowhard postings seem to be on every user survey. I really should block them but mostly I don't read comments unless I have an interest in the topic so they can blither on and I won't notice.

    Good to know, peach6. Some people go into full melt down mode:

    I don't normally block anybody I just ignore them and move on to the next response to read if interested.
  17. Isn't this old news? The dates don't even seem right. They already changed to lifepoints.
  18. Walmart bought maybe try contacting walmart. I think online chats are run by AI robots now.

    I know what you mean guys. Luckily we have a block feature installed now for voters. Unfortunately I don't get that block feature lol....
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