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  2. Hello, I'd like to suggest a way to filter the reviews for panels by country (or sort by country, since there seems to be no filter feature at the moment). I request this because I know that how "good" the panels are may depend on who they're dealing with. Some panels say that they support Country X, but never actually have any surveys available for Country X. By having this filter, it'd be more easy to see if the panel is good for people coming from Country X based on previous Country X users. Thank you for your time.
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  4. No, there was no sign up process. I was just randomly selected because I am a member of Pinecone (a Nielsen owned company). It was supposed to be for two years, but sometimes they cut peoole off early.
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  6. I do quite well with Inbox and have cashed out many times. They do send a check when you cash out so don't worry about that.
  7. I used to belong to their site but dropped them. For a year I did every survey they sent me which was quite a few. Spent a lot of time trying to qualify for surveys. I made like $110 for the entire year. Not worth the trouble. Even though I dropped Springboard I made like $50 in a year for significantly fewer survey attempts. Be wary of the companies they have bought that have the same format. They are just as bad. Like OpinionSphere.
  8. They have some of the worst surveys. Many sites also have their surveys. They ask same question over and over. The polls are sometimes like giant spreadsheets and so overwhelming. I don't even fill out their surveys anymore when I see their logo.
  9. Nice to find people who know these sites. I have been using Inbox Dollars since february and they were OK at first. Then it got harder. Less surveys and when I was DQed no extra spin. For some reason that really pissed me off. I was done with them, just needed a couple to get the $30 dollar threshold and got a survey with an interview for $75 . The people who ran the survey seemed nice. I am wondering if I will ever get the cash?? Has this ever happeded to you. I am trying to stay active on the site. i just don't trust them. Anyhow nice to talk to people who understand.
  10. Nipponka, Hi! What is your complaint? I have been having a little bit of trouble with them. Just curious.
  11. They are basically just magazines, not a bad deal if they have a magazine you like. I got Entertainment Weekly for a while and liked it. otherwise, useless. Applecrisp
  12. I have used them for awhile. Used, past tense. When you cash out, I used Amazon, they would give you a link that didn't work. I would have to e-mail them for the code. It would take awhile. I made like $30 or $40 dollars. Also, you have to wait awhile. E-mails are "tickets" and you can have only one open at a time, so if you e-mail them about a payment ues the sam e ticket, don't use a new e-mail. If that make sense. Could not shake the feeling they were sketchy. i stopped with them. Applecrisp
  13. Hi Kris, SurveyPolice uses a very sophisticated algorithm to calculate star ratings and it does incorporate a 'rolling score'. Reviews left today are certainly weighted more heavily than those left 2 years ago, for example, and this is just a basic feature of what our algorithm involves. Our algorithm is one of the strongest you will find when it comes to rating systems. We use a very impressive method to calculate scores and even did extra consultation with a mathematician who has a PHD in statistics, who fully stood behind the methodology we are using. Our confidence level in our own scoring method could not be higher! If a star rating seems too high, it may be because there are a large number of reviewers who rated the panel very highly in the past, or there are still a steady stream of users who are assigning it the highest score possible, even if there are others who are giving it a very low score. Ratings should not fluctuate wildly, and a single review should not be able to "make" or "break" a panel's score, which is exactly how we've set things up. With regards to a qualitative scoring system, we had this many years ago, but opted to simplify things. We agree that a higher level of detail could help paint a clearer picture for scores, though this is not always the case; asking users to provide more details on their experience with something basic like customer service for instance, might not apply to them... nevermind whether they think something like the TOS of a website is fair (when the vast majority of users never read them). It's a delicate balance for sure, and we hope that users who want to get the full story on a panel take time to read some of the actual reviews, rather than fully relying on few yellow stars.
  14. Why would you save your points for a whole year?! You can, and should, cash out after every single survey, that's one of the great things about it! I dunno if points expire if you don't use them, but that's pretty irrelevant, given you can cash out immediately, there's no minimum. And I dunno what you mean about getting "a magazine", either - you should still be able to cash out for actual cash...? (Namely, 5 dollars, if you have 500 points.)
  15. I did but took some time and I havent received a survey since
  16. On the topic of the BBB - I found this interesting post on Reddit about them.
  17. I never pay attention to stars on sites anymore. Netflix ruined that for me, hahahaha-3 star movies indeed, lol. All kidding aside, I take the time to read reviews that people bother to write. I figure if their opinion meant enough for them to take the time to do that-it's worth reading. Star ratings only take a sec and not that much thought. Plus, the variance is also based on the type of person rating, their tolerances for/lack of tolerances will vary from another's.
  18. Anyone else here received their pay that is owed?
  19. I agree rosiesmom. Some of these survey companies are always trying to accuse members of fraud, but in some cases its the survey companies who are committing fraud. They let you complete a survey all the way and then tell you that you are not qualified.
  20. You notice no one from SSI ever comes into these forums like Tellwut and some others. They are shady as hell and you will, at some point, end up battling for your cash out. I haven't had any trouble since I battled and got mine but I don't give them a lot of attention anymore either. Opinion Outpost is the most innocuous of the lot but I've noticed that when I run out of surveys and get the "come back later" msg with them, I immediately get the same screen from the other SSI sites, like iPoll, at that point whether or not I've logged in on those sites that day or not. Even if I respond to an email invite from iPoll, if I'm at that screen with OO, the invite will instantly screen out with the survey invite. It's scandalous really.
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