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  2. ambulanceblues

    LifePoints customer service not helpful..beware!

    Another day, another survey that didn't credit. This is insane. And since the switch from GTM they stopped including the survey numbers in the e-mail invitations, making it even harder to keep track of them.
  3. Went on there today and only had 1 question that's a first
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  5. neminem

    Jobspotter app

    Yep, I've been using that app for a while - it's not a huge money-maker where I am, but I've probably gotten about a hundred bucks over the course of the couple years I've used it, just from happening to see signs as I'm out doing other things. Junky chain store signs pay about a quarter, the best possible payout per sign is $1.50, though I don't think I've seen higher than about $1.25 personally, which is still great for about 30 seconds of work. (Most of them have been somewhere in the middle.)
  6. I just looked at Fetch again, and there are all kinds of stores in my area I can submit receipts for, including Jewel, Aldi's, Walmart, Target, Trader Joe's, Sams Club, Dollar Tree, and Whole Foods. I still don't know if it would be worth my while because I don't eat a lot of processed food.
  7. Hi- On a Facebook group I belong to, the person running it posted about a jobspotter app. Apparently you get Amazon GC if you post pictures from your phone with help wanted signs. Apparently you get more points if you post jobs from local businesses. You also get points if you verify that a job is available. Apparently a good place to take pictures of job openings is at your local mall. You get your exercise for the day by making several trips around the mall taking pictures of job openings.
  8. Booyah01

    college surveys login page

    My saved link to this site no longer works. And I was getting close to a reward.
  9. Unfortunately some survey platforms are not coded correctly for this to work. Such as Ugam or Harrispoll. Their surveys are notorious for DQing people later on as survey quota is full. It should simply DQ someone right away without getting them to a certain point in the survey. It isn't the case of the survey quota being filled while someone is doing a survey, it's frequently at a exact point in the survey it will DQ someone because quota is filled. So quota checks clearly aren't being done until that point in that survey, where they have already harvested a lot of "free" data.
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