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  2. Everytime I attempt to check out, I get "An unexpected error has occurred. Please contact us and report error code: QSB0303-17" I've tried contacting support, but they've yet to reply. I'm terrified they'll close my account as they do with a ton of others.
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  5. locktech

    Eureka Surveys

    I'm afraid like too many sites these days the surveys are displayed as being 5 minutes long but when you click on the link it is suddenly 15 minutes long for a pittance. Fed up with this and any survey that does this I just abandon the survey, if they can't be truthful at the start I will just come out of the survey.
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  7. I just cashed out an Amazon GC today. I cash out w/ them every 2-3 weeks, and today I noticed that they've eliminated the extra $2 on the Amazon $20 GC (i.e., used to cost $22 for a $20 Amazon GC but today it was $20). I almost always get the mobile verification request where they text me a code and I enter it.
  8. I belong to them and have for probably ten years; I was recruited through Southwest. They're definitely worthwhile IMO - lots of high paying surveys and rewards I can actually use (Southwest RR points, ChoiceHotels, and others). They're a Dynata panel, if that matters to you (I know a lot of people on here are anti-Dynata).
  9. peach6

    Problems with Lifepoints

    I am definitely not getting as many surveys these days as I used to
  10. episemion

    Problems with Lifepoints

    Seem to recall doing at least one of those every year. Tedious , but it does pay.
  11. That is a problem on their end. One of the servers along the path did not respond as fast as necessary and the connection times out. Something they have to fix. Nothing on your end.
  12. SurveyTooGoodToBeTrue

    Tellwut Problem

    I am officially back on Tellwut. So far, so good. This time, I'm avoiding the Tellwut forum at all costs. I read it a grand total of 3 times. It's still as toxic as ever. But I am certain that will never change. So far, the fun surveys are working. You can take external surveys, but only if you can find them immediately.
  13. footfree

    Anybody belong to erewards?

    I quit doing them - hard to qualify and the pay to do the surveys for the time it takes is low.
  14. About a month ago I got an invite from my local Safeway. I joined but never qualified for any surveys so I quit. ( I posted about this here at the time) I guess erewards is soliciting through supermarkets all over.
  15. Since "Your Surveys" are doing "My Soapbox" "Survey| Junkie: and "Bizcoin"Surveys I get this alot and when the survey is completed you get 504 Gateway Time-out OR session times out contact your email sender. SO WTH is going on? I have emailed all of them and it's still going on very much a nuisance
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