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  3. Like you said sometimes it works but lately at least for me it hasn't been working as often on Univox
  4. Njsurveyman


    This one has been around for a long time. Pays you to do simple tasks at various stores in your area. (Mostly picture taking). I havent been able to get any tasks yet, but seems fairly legit. They pay via paypal supposedly. Unknown minimum payout requirements. Anyone else have luck with this one?
  5. Siegfried

    I'll do surveys but I won't do a router

    If I find myself on the sample cube roundabout, I right click the back button and from the list of intermediate locations, left click on one that says 'survey', which usually results in a DQ from the survey you started with, and sometimes even with DQ points. Sometimes the result is an error message but it works often enough to be my standard practice. I get onto the sample cube roundabout from Univox, othere sites results may differ.
  6. schludermann

    I'll do surveys but I won't do a router

    Since I avoid routers, most of the survey panels I'm on are routerless. The overall survey frequency is lower but so is the time expenditure. I'm not averse to being screened out, but I want it to be a decent effort by both parties. A case of this are surveys from TheGo2Crowd panel. They used to be a high efficacy and low frequency. So they were worth tracking. However, they paired up with Cint, and proclaimed this was a good thing for the panelists, their surveys experience sucks now. When TheGo2Crowd has an opportunity, the stated time and reward in the email invitation is never what they lead with in the surveys and frequently waste 20 min going from one survey panel qualification to another. There is no way to abort other than close. I sometimes answer surveys to be screened out, you can tell what they are looking for, and this still goes on and on.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me and I was impressed.
  8. jofa333

    SwagBucks is using 36 Trackers!!

    I hate tracking. This was my reason for dumping the site. It is purely a waste of time. I also discover how bad  Swagbucks  is now turn to. Nice forum. Debby
  9. GammiWoo


    I wonder if it’s partly due to the new California freelance laws. I read an article saying it has spooked many companies.
  10. Actually I like here. If I have a problem with a survey she answers right away and I get paid. Really why they put her there.
  11. paulgro

    One Opinion

    Even though they need us, they hold the reins.
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  13. Do You blame her if she quit lol
  14. Cliche01


    I have no idea who or what this is, but sounds funny as heck to mess around with and ask strange questions to.
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