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  2. Pay was decent but why they asked for a photo of fabric softener is a little baffling.Well I think I might understand why.If they want us to take photos so we can do Pt for them I'm okay with it.It's like Amazon drivers taking photos that they did indeed leave a package at your door.Helps me.Just today I didn't receive my packages -Sorry has nothing to do with this but starting to ramble but photos would come in handy.
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  4. Still nothing. What a crappy company. How does it take a week to check on an account?!
  5. Just received another perk from this company today....sweet... Was a $20 perk.... Hi.. The Vocalpoint Voice Canada team congratulates you on your big win! Now, it's time to choose your reward. Maybe you'd like to bump up your PayPal credit, receive an® Gift Card claim code or even support a charity organization. The choice is yours!
  6. Well, the past 4 that I tried to complete for Pinecone looked like the old Harris Poll surveys. I say that only because I haven't been with Harris Poll for a number of years. Hmmm.......
  7. I tried sending you a message and it said guest cannot use this site but you may if you log in so I checked and was logged in usually it says I'm not.Could it be that I am using a Tablet since that is all I have right now?just wondering.
  8. I agree walk away
  9. I did 2 a couple of weeks ago and I thought they were pinecone surveys like you said same format and it took over a week to get paid for them.
  10. Look the same as Pinecone's, at least the last 2 I have received.I wonder if they have changed all their formats to this?
  11. Believe it or not, since that post I was able to cash out.
  12. I got the same email when my account was recently defrosted :D. The 1 which says "Now that your account has been reactivated, please remember to access your account and surveys on the device and location where you registered." That's just silly for them though. I can understand if someone claims to be in the UK but is really in France or somewhere, but realistically as well as their own surveys, they offer surveys on 3rd party platforms. These 3rd party platform surveys don't care weather someone takes the survey at home, a friends house or even on their tablet in a town centre. They only care about someone being honest and that their data is accurate. I personally don't believe my account was even frozen due to the location. I had an account with another SSI site (opinion world) as well as an account with OO. Recently I got a new email address and changed it on my OO account (but not opinion world as I forgot I even had an account with them). Barely a few days later my OO account was frozen. When they resolved this problem, my opinionworld account email was also changed to my new email address. So I don't believe it was even a location problem, but more down to 2 different email addresses which flagged both accounts. Hopefully it doesn't happen again
  13. Survey "profiling" data including things like car models and make can be stored basically to save time having to fill it in every time. Remember peanut labs are only a portal platform who redirect you to a survey on a 3rd party platform. You might have already entered the car data on a 3rd party platform and this time it redirected you to the same 3rd party platform again (which saved this car data profiling info) or it could have even been a follow-up survey based on a car survey you did previously. As for the "lot of demographic info", avoid these altogether.... Here's what pretty much happens in those cases: - Peanut labs thinks its found an active survey. It redirects you to the 3rd party platform to take this survey. - The 3rd party platform asks the usual "couple of questions" which are to see if you qualify. - When it comes to the page asking for a "lot of demographic info" it's the 3rd party platform's way of saying "you haven't qualified, but fill in our huge demographic profiling survey and we might have something for you" - "might" meaning in most cases there wont be anything so definitely not worth filling it all in. "it makes me wonder why if they already have it why do they ask us for it over and over in surveys" Because many of these survey websites are purely portals. They get a cut of the commission for getting people to take surveys on 3rd party platforms. Meaning even if all profiling data is set up on your main profile, the 3rd party survey platform might not have access to this data already. Other times it could be software bugs or even trying to catch out people who lie (So if info entered on a survey is different to what's on their profile, they can tell). " I also think they can tell where we live by our ip address, and who knows what info they are getting when the survey says it's checking your configuration" They probably can but it's more likely than not this is just to make sure you are in the country you say you are in (opposed to someone who isn't a resident of 1 country but is pretending to be to get more surveys). As for checking configuration, I think it's mostly checking to make sure flash is installed correctly so if any media files are to be played during the survey, such as video adverts, they will run fine
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  15. For those of you experiencing problems with the forum, can you please PM us to resolve the issue? As well, if you could try clearing your cache and trying at least one other browser before contacting us, that'd be appreciated. As far as we know, we patched most bugs related to login issues last month. Prior to this, even we experienced getting booted out of the forum; after applying the fixes with extensive testing, we can't replicate the problem with not staying logged in. That's not to say there isn't one. But with dozens of combinations of operating systems, browser types, and browser versions, it's impossible for us to test the forum in every environment. Again, if you're still having problems after trying a new browser and clearing your cache, please PM us with as much information as possible: your operating system, your browser type and version number, and where you're clicking that seems to boot you out. Also, please note that it's very possible that if you're using a proxy, an internet meter, etc. that it could be interfering with the forum. Thanks for your help.
  16. That is what happens to me too Peach. I will post and then it will give me that message. Chin up! At least it lets me back in.
  17. I wish someone would fix this .This time stayed logged in but not usually sometimes it will say I don't have permission to use this site.
  18. So sorry. I am having issues getting the household question thing answered now. It won't load up. I was in Google. Holy cow, I really like Pinecone too.
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