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  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have a very old laptop and don't even think a webcam would be too compatible with it (even if I were to get one). From past experiences, I've had to chase after companies like Qinsights, Focusforward/Surveysquad, and even Focus Pt Global many times for my pay after doing off campus focus groups. I was screened yesterday for an in person taste-test near me paying only $25, but I did not qualify because I said that I dont prefer vegan foods.
  3. Njsurveyman

    Test Product

    Which focus group/survey company did it come from?
  4. mnleona

    VIP Voice closing down

    Do you have the new name or is it the same? I have won a few times with them.
  5. episemion

    VIP Voice closing down

    I have always been able to complete their surveys and earn points. Their surveys seem to be a repeating cycle of the same ones. I have won a few of the sweeps. Got several mag subs , an Amazon card , and a waffle iron that way. It also looks like they are starting a new site based on what I see on the home screen. New one involves taking a picture of receipts.
  6. episemion

    PaidViewPoint not responding

    Same here. I get that screen periodically and never have anything to update. I do the same as you. Just click on "done" and all is well. Have always gotten a response when I have either used the Support link on the site or emailed directly.
  7. Last week
  8. NevadaJones

    PaidViewPoint not responding

    Surprised at the no response. The one time I had an issue they were very timely responding.
  9. I used to have a free website at MySite.Com and it served me well. But they ended their free offer. Anybody know of any other free website providers that won't charge me a monthly fee ?
  10. dawn_b_adams

    PaidViewPoint not responding

    Sometimes I log in there and the update your demographics comes up. I don’t usually have updates, so I just click done or whatever and it’s fine. Have you tried that yet?
  11. dawn_b_adams

    VIP Voice closing down

    I’m not surprised. I never successfully completed a survey through them, although I’ve had several I tried through partner surveys of other sites.
  12. oldchap

    sad about Toluna survey fail

    I’ve had that (It was one of the cint panels) sent email with screen shot but just got answer that as I’d failed to complete survey I wasn’t entitled to anything. replied saying I’d spent 20 minutes and it said it wasn’t my fault, but not interested, they quoted T&C that there was no reward for incomplete surveys
  13. I am so mad at this site. I have been with them for years and never had a problem until now. I guess the saying is true, There is a First Time for Everything! I can't log into my dashboard due to an Update Your Demographics page that keeps popping up when I log in. I have nothing to update and I can't bypass this page no matter what I have tried. Of course this had to happen when I am like 40 cents away from cashing out. I have emailed them for over a week with no response yet. Not good. Not good at all.
  14. mnleona


    Such a beautiful message.
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