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  3. My name is Cristina Dinnbier, a student in Business Administration and International Relations at IE University. This questionnaire is part of my bachelor's thesis and I would appreciate your participation and time to fill out this quick survey. (2 mins in english or spanish) The objective of this survey is to collect data on attitudes and perceptions towards celebrity endorsement within the fragrance industry among young people. This survey is 100% anonymous and disclosure of the results will only be for academic purposes https://ie.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9Ks2KBT6iUX7BrM
  4. No. Let us know if you find out.
  5. mnleona

    Unfair Reversals!!!!!

    I have noticed it.
  6. I just signed up with 1Q about a month ago and have already made over $20. It's now my favorite app for making a little extra money and I love how it is deposited straight to PayPal as soon as the answers are submitted. The average question pays between 0.25 to 0.75 but I have had one that paid $6.50, but it took a little longer to complete. I highly recommend this app!
  7. I do sometimes thank them and type, "Thanks for the incentive!" In general I sincerely mean it but it's also kind of like a "hint hint, wink wink...I hope I really get paid for this!"
  8. Generally I type in "no further comment" or something along those lines, even if feedback is supposedly optional. On rare occasions if the survey was shorter than expected or enjoyable, then I'll say "thank you".
  9. Oshawott

    Unfair Reversals!!!!!

    Reversals on survey sites are not uncommon, at least from my experience. I get at least one every 3 or 4 weeks. It's generally not a huge loss. That being said, Rewarding Ways is the absolute worst survey site I've ever been a member of. Their customer support people are some of the rudest and unhelpful ones around. One of their employees couldn't even use proper spelling and grammar when interacting with members, and was just really unprofessional overall.
  10. Last week
  11. elsielc

    Value Opinion. Cash Out

    i just tried to cash out and they want your drivers license photo. i am not happy with that.
  12. I just looked them up, and it sounds like City National Bank is mostly located in California. I don't know if you folks will get what is owed you or not. It is to bad.
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