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I recently downloaded this app because I saw it mentioned in this online article featuring this year's best new apps that pay you. It also has good reviews in the app store. It is basically another GPT platform. However, you do get 10 coins for logging in and watching a 25 second video each day (every 24 hours). You also get 70 coins just for joining. You can earn between 35-60 coins just for downloading new apps and games, even if you delete them later. They pay you instantly in "coins". I have not seen any actual surveys on there yet. It seems that once you reach 1500 coins, you can cash out for $15 paypal.

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UPDATE: This is an app, so there is no link. The app is called Big Cash. However, I just saw they raised the minimum amount of coins from 1500 to 2500 in order to cash out for $15 Paypal. It is just not worth it considering you can only really count on earning 10 coins per day for opening the app and watching a boring 20 second video. Also, a WARNING, I tried downloading one of the apps they offered 30 coins just to try, and I started getting all these Virus alerts on my phone. Therefore I do Not recommend this app.

There does seem to be several apps out there now that offer money for doing different things. My favorites are On The Go, 1Q, and Panel App. If anyone else has had good experience with any other apps that actually pay, please share.

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