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Any Experience with Branding By Us?


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Apparently, I gave this company my email address to see what it’s all about. I’m skeptical because they want a link to my Amazon account to prove that I have Prime.  Has anyone worked with them? Are they legit?  I got the following email from them:


Thank you for deciding to join BrandingByUs!

Before we send you the first product to review we just want to make sure you understand the process and that you have everything in place.

Review Club Email

FREE Products

The 250+ brands we currently work with are all on Amazon.com

So the main requirement we have for all our members is that you have an Amazon Prime account.

And I mention that you need a Prime account because with Prime all shipping is FREE. While we are able to reimburse the costs of the products themselves thanks to our wonderful brand partners, we can't reimburse shipping costs. Thank you for your understanding!

The second requirement is that you have a Paypal account.

We reimburse the cost of all products through Paypal. This is because Amazon has removed 100% off discounts and they only allow sellers to do lower percentages. But we want you to get the products for FREE, without losing a single cent. This also helps our brands save on taxes because this way they can account for all these reimbursements as marketing expenses - it's a WIN-WIN :)

And by the way - I know you might not trust the reimbursement process - what happens if I buy the product and I never receive the money? You don't have to worry about that! We're sending you the money before you even make the purchase, just because we trust you and because we've managed to convince all the brands we work with that they need to pay upfront - this is something no other product reviewer club is offering!

$5 - $10 Rewards

2 weeks after you receive the product, the brand is expecting a review and feedback. Because all these brands are usingAmazon.com as the sales platform, they expect the review to be left on Amazon.com - you will receive a special link to leave your review and feedback from each particular brand. Some brands might want direct feedback, some expect it on the sales platform (Walmart, Amazon, Jet)

As a reward for offering your honest feedback, brands as offering between $5 and $10. The money will be sent to your same Paypal account as soon as you've left your feedback and review.

The brands we work with are all honest and ethical. The reward you are going to receive is announced before you leave your review. So whether you leave negative  feedback or positive feedback, you will receive the same reward. These brands are looking for your honest opinion.


The only situation when your reward might be pending is if you leave a very short review, such as "I like it." or "I hate it." - brands expect real, constructive feedback - at least 2 full sentences.


Please note that some brands choose to offer higher rewards if you include images or videos with your feedback.


Finally, you should know that as a new member with 0 history you are getting access to the brands that offer lower rewards ($5-$7). In the next 1-2 months as you leave more reviews you'll unlock the higher rewards :)


What We Need From You


Please reply to this email with the following:

  1. Your Amazon profile link (should be an account that has Prime)
  2. Your Paypal address
  3. Your preferred category (e.g. sports, baby, home & kitchen, pets)
  4. Tell us a bit about yourself - who you are, where you're from, what things you like :) - this will help us connect you with the right brands 


Thank you!

Linda and the BrandingByUs Team

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