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Vacuum cleaner survey?

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Yes, and I just keep getting it. I guess they keep it in rotation, lol. Thanks for the great answers, all!!


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Interestingly enough I have encountered their surveys via different GPTs/survey sites & I have begun to believe this: 

Once you've had an IHUT, they dangle the carrot in front of you to make you continue to participate in the forum they have set up, even though you don't really discuss the product that you initially got involved with the site for. I have been qualified for IHUTs through alternative survey sites but had the account deactivated. My-Take is getting opinions from you without actually giving you a chance to participate again. I believe that any people that are getting repetitive tests are those who attain the highest "participation in forums" & most badges,

These companies get compensated for the information we provide them without giving us anything.

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