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Is eRewards changing their rewards cash out options?


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I got an email, which I think was from erewards,  stating that some " big changes " are coming soon to their rewards program.  Did anyone get this email and can you confirm it was from erewards?? It didn't give any details

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It looks like they're being taken over by Dynata. Every now and then I've been getting emails from them in a different format that say they are "premium" surveys and at the bottom it says:

©2019 Dynata Global UK Limited (f/k/a Research Now Limited), e-Rewards and the e-Rewards logo are trademarks of Dynata Global UK Limited (f/k/a Research Now Limited).

I've only had a few of those, and mostly still getting regular E-rewards types of surveys, but it looks like they're gradually going to shift over to Dynata.



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Hmm, I've been getting those gold colored 'premium;' surveys as well, and didn't think much about them, just assumed it was another gimmick.  Hopefully, whoever this Dynata  company is will offer things like cash out with Paypal, or more useful gift cards.  The one problem I always had with e-Rewards is most all their rewards require you to purchase something to get a discount other than the magazine subscriptions.   I'd much prefer the money or maybe Amazon credit. 

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