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TellWut customer support

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Just want to share another good story about customer support.

A few days ago, I noticed 500 points missing from my Tellwut account. It was taken away from a survey I had done a couple months ago. TW CS was super responsive (and quick) communicating and tracking down why the deduction. Turns out the survey was one of those where you qualify for some sort of ongoing community/forum on a fairly specific topic, and the survey sponsor claimed I had completed the survey twice. I doubt I had, as I don't get those sort of surveys often, and I would have likely remembered taking it before.

Long story longer...TW CS said the survey sponsor should have never allowed me to take the survey a second time, if, in  fact, I really did. And they credited back the 500 points.

Like to share these good stories that happen once in awhile because I know how bad survey customer support can be.

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