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j'ai euune tres mauvais expérience avec cette compagnie et disons que je croit que cette compagnie est vraiment de la marde je court apres mon 50$ quil me doive

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I am guessing this is in french though i am not certain. it would help us a whole lot if you could post in english as that is what most of the members here communicate with. Thanks

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Please steer clear of this survey.  They try to group every individual in the Same category. They reached out to me to complete a survey and they never gave me an incentive upon completion(even for participating).  Not good business at all.  I did a beverage study over the course of 2 weeks and because I fast and don't consume as much to drink as the so called "average" person, they never gave me my reward.  They need to advise that people who fast or have to skip meals(drinks included) should not proceed with their studies because they will be disqualified.  I am.so disappointed because I used time to participate in this study that I can't get back even downloaded the app on mg phone which took up space from other apps.  

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