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Has anyone joined True Opinion.com?


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I just found this panel and joined out of curiosity. It sounds legit but I'm wondering if they are any good or not.


New Registration Credit $5.00 (Says they have a PayPal option).

You must have to earn more than $ 50.00 for redemption.

I don't like $50 minimums but if the surveys are good then it may be worth the time.

There were two surveys available to me. $ 5.00 and $ 8.00. I didn't qualify for either one.

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Hi All, I have Joined this site 3-4 months ago and I am satisfied with their payouts. They pay $5-$10.00 per survey for B2B surveys and for some they offer $1-$3.00. I have got $117.00 so far in my Paypal's account.

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I joined maybe 3 months ago. I had a similar experience with there only being one or two surveys available at first. I have gotten maybe two invites since I signed up. One for $5 -- didn't qualify. One for $6 - I did.

Here's the jist:

Yes, they pay more per survey.

No, you don't get that many.

No, you don't qualify for every one you get.

So, with a cashout of $50, it might be a long while til I can cash out... It makes sense though, if they are indeed business-related surveys. I just think then maybe they should have someone redesign their website to reflect that? It has more of a public or consumer look to the website...

I'm just gonna wait and see...

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Hi All,

I figured out one thing with True Opinion, they have more b2b surveys then consumer surveys. If you are working professionals then I think you'll qualify their surveys.


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