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ProOpinon is getting cheap on payouts

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Pro Opinion has long been my favorite panel.  I could easily make 15-20 dollars a day.


In general, their payouts used to be: $.90 for 3-7 minute surveys,  $1.80 for 10-15 minute surveys, $3.60 for 20-30 minute surveys, and occasionally $5.40 for 35-40 minute surveys.


However, in the last few days I've noticed that they have changed their system and now the 15 minute surveys are worth 90 cents and the 20-30 minute surveys are only worth the $1.80.  


Its just really frustrating that a legitimate survey company would start to get cheap like the rest of them.  It is no longer worth it to sit through a 30 minute survey if I am making less than 2 bucks.    They can piss off as far as I am concerned.

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I know this is an old thread, but I went to log in to their site and received:

"Your membership has been terminated as a result of the violation of the ProOpinion Terms & Conditions. For questions, please contact [email protected]"

I looked through the reviews of this site and other members have gotten the same message. I have been with them for a long while so clearly something else is going on especially since other members have gotten the same message in mass.

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