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  3. Pinecone going back

    Today i received and completed successfully the "household questions", however I was not redirected to any survey.
  4. Ok, it's good to know that my codes are safe in case of ban. This allows me to better manage my codes, so I can better plan my purchases in Amazon! Thank you guys!
  5. Yesterday
  6. News survey (+18 only)

    Hey!! If possible could you please spare a few minutes of your time to fill out my survey. Thank you!! If possible could you please spare a few minutes of your time to fill out my survey. Thank you :)
  7. Writing out lists

    I do the same thing. Sometimes it is one I know I did before and double clicking auto-fills the boxes.
  8. If you got banned by a survey site that gave you a code, it wouldn't do anything - that code is now on Amazon, just like any other Amazon gift credit, it shouldn't matter where it came from. Of course, if Amazon were to ban your accout for some reason, you would presumably lose all your gift credit on that account, but that's totally different, and way less likely, unless you were actually doing something scammy with the account.
  9. Writing out lists

    I mostly just put one company because I don't like doing it, and I never have a problem with them.
  10. If you already have the code and put it in your amazon account it should be safe. I haven't heard of anyone taking back codes that are in someones account but maybe they can.
  11. Welcome New Members!

    Hello everyone, I just arrived and I've already had many interesting tips, you have a very good community here, greetings!
  12. Hi comunity! I have no much time doing surveys and i have a concern about the implication of getting banned in relation with amazon codes. I dont image myself losing points or even worse, my codes redeemed, so i ask you guys. What happen to the gift card if i get banned? Does the code remain active for my use or is it voided? Regards
  13. Don't worry Footfree it will be there. When it becomes month then start to worry
  14. Mintvine problem

    Not sure why that happened to you, but it's been the opposite for me and I'm qualifying for me than I used to.
  15. Last week
  16. Well I hope they are just delaying this time.First time they said they were having some kind of issues and I did eventually receive my payment.But this time I havent yet received it so I emailed them today.They say that they send agc every 15th of the month and yet nothing and now it's the 22nd of the month.Once I can understand but twice in a row makes me think they are having finicial problems.
  17. I am having the exact opposite qualify for very few
  18. Mintvine problem

    I must have had at least 25 or more surveys come through my email and everyone of them said this survey is no longer available so no points today I hope that isn't going to be the norm for them now
  19. Writing out lists

    Probably so, but I still find it a bit annoying.
  20. One button- why cant we have that one button

    Typically surveys DO give you an none of the above button...but not in all cases. Can't say I'm a big sports fan, either, so I feel your pain.
  21. InnoPoll changing to ForthRight

    I have to give a positive shout out to Forthright. In the past week I have completed a number of 3, 2, and $1.50 surveys earning a total of $18 instantly through Paypal. I do think the SMS messages help, as i can react straight away to the opportunities. From my perspective i am having more success than when it was Innopoll
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