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  2. Njsurveyman

    Inspired opinions/Focusgroup

    Yeah, I've been a member of both for a long time. I can still log into both sites separately. But, I must say Schlesinger is very good and I got many focus groups with them in the past. However, FPG has been terrible lately. They send me surveys for focus groups and online studies all the time, but haven't been accepted in several years. I feel as if they just want to collect free info from people. Once they merge, I hope it will be more like the Schlesinger model.
  3. Did a survey for them and they say I have been flagged for the answers I left on surveys.If I feel neutral about all questions asked I put neither agree or disagree.So I guess they are asking me to lie .I call bs - How can I give a unbiased review on a product I have never used or have no knowledge of.Now Gongo's is saying this is my second flag in a year and the next time I will be barred from taking their surveys.Considering I have only made $9 from them this whole year I really don't care.But what really ticks me is that don't give you the opportunity to defend yourself.Gongo's said I was flagged for the covid survey which I was having problems taking because it kept on screwing up.Just ticks me off how they can blast you but not let you defend yourself.I did tell My Soap Box about this but I think it fell on deaf ears.Oh ya I just emailed Gongo's saying the same thing wonder if they will respond?
  4. yobry1

    Thrifty pig

    Glad someone here has info about them. I've been getting email invites thru other panels to join them since feb. I'd expect a website named thrifty pig to be a coupon or cheap deal type of website.
  5. I use mine for birthdays and Holidays otherwise no would get anything but now, it's going towards paying bills with this pandemic and loss of income. Everyone will be getting less from us this year for birthdays and holidays now.
  6. yobry1

    ACOP emails

    I've gotten 3 of them in the last week now. I've never gotten any emails saying it was a technical issue and has been fixed.
  7. I have seen no drop in survey invites since this pandemic started. What I have noticed is getting more "quota is full" messages when clking on the invites. One thing that really bothers me is when ppl post that they're still getting along fine financially even with a drop in income yet they're doing these surveys which LOW INCOME folks like myself and others are barely SCRAPING BY, and can't pay bills, going to foodbanks, dropped car insurance, dropped landline phone and only get a cellphone signal at our kitchen window and only on clear days, if it's raining or thick clouds, no signal, etc just to survive. YOU ppl are taking MUCH NEEDED money from US right now. We get by when we're both working but what I earn from surveys thru the year pays for Birthdays and Holidays otherwise no one would get anything.
  8. They took away the spin and win so now it "claims" you earn scratch and win progress with surveys but I have YET to see ANY progress whatsoever on it. Has anyone else seen any progress? It seems like every time I find an easy way to earn on it, a few months later they change it. On the plus side I didn't notice til a few days ago you can earn 2cents for every receipt you scan which is great. I already use 2 apps on my phone to earn points with scanning receipts, lol. I've also been scanning bar codes of products at walmart with the app but half the time my walmart doesn't carry the product. I also dislike the videos vs tv but, I bought a phone mount with a clip on it for use in your car, but I clip it on the lip of my coffee table, dining table, or desk and "watch" the videos while doing other things on my laptop or tablet. It was like $14 on amazon.
  9. lisa88

    Anyone used this site?

    Depends what you mean by regular. The way they work is you need to purchase product and then they reimburse you. I liked all that they offered, and they let you keep it. For some of them I kept buying them afterwards. I guess that's their business model.
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  11. episemion

    ACOP emails

    Got a response email from support. There was a technical issue that caused it. Now fixed.
  12. schludermann

    Survey Junkie

    I had a very poor experience with survey junkie, so I was motivated to do some digging. I hope you can get out cleanly. Here're the addresses I have, maybe you can CC to them as well, [email protected], [email protected] Survey junkie BBB profile for complaints https://www.bbb.org/us/ca/glendale/profile/market-survey/survey-junkie-0875-90923233 These guys are using a mail box service in a shopping plaza, another company is also listed at the same address: https://www.manta.com/c/mkxph5q/disqo-inc Their address for California Secretary of State (SoS), 550 N Brand Blvd #1850Glendale, CA 91203, this is at a startup incubator "liquid space" since this is a startup incubator space, searching crunchbase.com is reasonable and returns" Armen Adjemian, Armen Petrosian, Drew Kucharian You can take these names to linkedin, techcrunch or rocketreach and work you way to a contact address. At that same address is Blue Media Ventures, From Dun & Bradstreet https://www.dandb.com/businessdirectory/bluemediaventuresinc.-glendale-ca-34641341.html
  13. Btough


    What's your name? What do you love to do? What do u want to be in future?
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