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Guilting survey takers

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I think humor is the best medicine in the frustrating game of survey taking.  For example, you gotta love the ones that are like your mother and say...

"Do you triple-pinky-promise to fill out our survey thoughtfully and honestly?...because we worked really hard to put together this survey just for you, and it's really, really important that we get honest, thoughtful answers....so please do the right thing and do the very best you can on our survey.  God is watching you!..."

So you spend 20 minutes filling out the survey the very best you can, fearing that anything less will lead to sleepless nights of worrying whether you did right by those surveys which love you just for you, and who always bought you ice cream to cheer you up when you pet goldfish died.

Then..."Oh, yeah.  Never mind.  You don't qualify for this one for reasons we won't tell you....See ya!"


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