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ISO: Best Rewards Credit Card?


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I’m curious which rewards credit card you all like the best. I was going to apply for a Discover card, but I just read today that they eliminated two features that I want: price protection and car rental insurance.  

Im NOT interested in travel rewards, but open to other types of rewards.  What are your suggestions for the best rewards card out there?

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My opinion is irrelevant to you, because my favorite card is a travel card. :p

I'm not really aware of any "rewards" cards that aren't travel rewards, really - in my mind, cards are either travel cards, or straight-up vanilla cash back? If I weren't interested in travel rewards, I'd probably go with some combination of Chase Freedom, Capital One SavorOne and Capital One Quicksilver, depending how many cards you want to juggle.

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One of my friends has American Express and gets 5% back, but if you do not pay off your bill every month, they dump you I have heard.  I have a sister that has a Sams Club card where she gets money back, but I am not sure how much.  She is a member of Sams Club.  

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