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I am about ready to give up.

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11 hours ago, neminem said:

I come here mainly to hear about new sites, because in my experience, there's about a 50% chance a new site will be awful from day 1, but a 50% chance they'll start off wanting to attract people by paying half-decent, and that's where I want to be. Of course, every site slowly starts moving towards paying increasingly terrible - I just took my last survey ever for One Opinion a few days ago :(. They used to be fantastic, then they were decent, then they were ok, now they're garbage. I'm just sad cause that was the last site on my list like it, of a list that once had like a dozen. (I still take surveys from probably half a dozen sites that email surveys to me occasionally - but no longer any sites that offer surveys whenever I feel like it, as opposed to once every week or two.)

Still check here regularly because, again, I'm hoping some new ones will pop up that pay more like One Opinion used to. 

Yeah, I agree with you on One Opinion. Lately, they totally suck, nothing out there except their “varies” surveys which I won’t waste my time on. If a survey site isn’t gonna respect me, I’ll simply dump them. You get what you put out. 

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21 hours ago, mnleona said:

Yesterday I did 2 surveys on One Opinion. That has not happened for ages.  

Same here. Been better than average lately there.


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