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Archiving survey pages and tracker activity

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I am seeking an app or browser extension that will capture survey pages, inbound/outbound tracker activity, and build logs that I can analyze. 

In the past, I've made screenshots as I progress through a survey, this is extremely cumbersome and tedious. I'm hoping for a solution that runs continuously. relying on browser history is insufficient because only the web page URL is captured and once the survey ends, the pages often will not recreate, even from the survey entry point. I also want to capture the survey router activities as I'm tossed from one site to another.

I'm looking for patterns of some rather insidious unethical and possibly fraudulent activity for some panels I am active on. It's done to prevent payment for 

I would be willing to dedicate a specific browser (chrome or firefox) and create a user account that the sole role is to just capture the activity.

I use MacOS 10.13.+


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