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This lounge needs a pub or something.

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Love your post. When I started the word game I had no idea it would still be going strong now. I enjoy it but yeah we need something here. Not sure what though. I'll have another martini and think abo

Sorry folks, but couldn't resist this one.  Apologies to all those who really are in need of TP.  

80s rock! 

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22 hours ago, seven said:

The police are coming for us. LOL 

Well, I was thinking more WE were the police since we are the ones who take the surveys, analyze them and then BS and complain in a sort of film noir fashion, but yeah, you get the idea.   "And that's when SHE walked in...her name was Ipsos, she was from the Outpost...I knew she was gonna be nothing but trouble".   

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I like the reply someone left under the video that she looks like a drunk Marilyn Monroe drag queen, and can't argue with that, typically I'm used to the short haired Anne Lennox.  In any case, yeah, it's like a parody of those glam pop star gals.   

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On 11/21/2019 at 10:20 PM, seven said:

Anyone heard a good joke lately? 

No, but I could do the Fozzie Bear thing and say I'm here to tell you jokes both new and rare.  Then the hecklers Waldorf and Statler could say "Did he say his jokes were rare?"  "Yeah, because they are not well done!"   Thankyou!  I'll be here all week end!   

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On 11/22/2019 at 9:34 PM, Cliche01 said:

Well that went down with a good beer on a Friday night, thanks!   

You're welcome! :91_thumbsup:

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