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New Panel: TGM Panel


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TGM Panel has just been added to the SurveyPolice directory.

checkmark.png Take surveys and participate in focus groups, mystery shops, mobile app testing, and more.
checkmark.png Earn PayPal cash rewards, Amazon e-vouchers and GCodes for participating.
checkmark.png Cash out your earnings when your account balance reaches 1000 points ($10).
checkmark.png Receive your reward within 72 hours of requesting it.

Available internationally.


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On 1/29/2020 at 4:44 AM, cricket said:

I am wondering if anyone tried this yet. I see 0 reviews so am a little skeptical. Thanks!

It changed, :) You cannot expect reviews will come on the day first we are added to SurveyPolice.  Plus, most of our users is from non English speaking countries. Anyway, here are reviews ... https://www.surveypolice.com/tgm-panel

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Searches to the discussions on the forum indicate that TGM is entangled with Cint. Cint has a real bad reputation and unfortunately so many panelists learn that too late after joining Survey Police. It is very difficult to entirely escape Cint, since so many panels field Cint surveys. If you do join TGM, I suggest abort the Cint routers as quickly as you can. You can often abort a Cint router if you're 99 years old or older, or 12 years and under. Sometimes, there will be an option to not participate at that time.

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I joined a few months back, have cashed out once (12.50 minimum for Paypal) and am closed to cashing out again.   It is hard to get qualified for their surveys.   I am on the fence as to whether or not keep them after I cash out the next time.   If I can find a better panel I will drop them. 

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