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Did anybody else have this problem with Opinion Outpost recently (I have been a member for more than 10 years)? I did a multi-day, multi-part survey recently that paid $75. I finished the survey and even received a message from the survey's sponsor that I had successfully completed the survey. Opinion Outpost put the points in my account and I cashed out for PayPal. The money didn't show up so I tried to find out why and got a message that Opinion Outpost had frozen my account. I contacted support and they said they would look into it. Ten days later I got a form email that read as follows:

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, the accuracy and attentiveness of your account activity has been flagged, and upon review of your account, we have been forced to suspend your account.
As a member of our program you may only have one account, provide accurate profile information and survey responses. You must also be thoughtful and attentive in responding to our surveys. When we have concerns about any of these program rules we are obligated to take steps to investigate and unfortunately suspend accounts.
We do not take account suspension lightly and do so only when account issues have been identified. At this time your account has been indefinitely suspended and you will no longer be able to participate in surveys or claim rewards from our website.
Thank you for your understanding.
Thank you for your patience.
When I was cashing out for $5 or $6 (which I had done a week earlier) there weren't any problems with my account. I think they are just trying to keep the money. I mean, I earned it, obviously, since they put the points in my account. I threatened them with the BBB and my state's attorney general and they replied that they will pass along my account information to an "independent" party to decide. Not sure I'm buying that. 


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So sorry you’re having to deal with this. I’ve seen many complaints from people regarding Opinion Outpost. They are notorious for doing this to panelists. They screwed me out of $10 when I tried to cash out. I had only been a member there a couple of months. They are a terrible site. Hopefully you get with the BBB and your state’s attorney general. 

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