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Free Speech panel with Fresh Lab?

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Hi- I am a member of fresh lab, and the only reason I am still with them is because they don't take long to do, although I have never won any of their drawings.  I got a new panel today, that I might be eligible for.  It is a panel where people discuss free speech.  I would be involved with two 40 minute panels, and they would pay me $40, and there is a chance I would be picked for another project, for which I would be paid $25.  I looked to see if anybody else here had posted about them, and somebody did in 2018, and a lot of people said they were involved in projects of theirs where they were supposed to get as much as $150, and they never received their money.  Has anybody had any recent experience with them?  Did anybody else get the free speech panel?

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Also got the free speech panel. Don't know if I'll be picked for it, but I'm now a bit wary given what you say about folks not having gotten their money in the past.

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