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Does anyone belong to this panel? I've been a member since October 2020 and my kids have not qualified for even one survey. My daughter , who is 10, is sick and tired of my calling her over to the computer and she never qualifies. Also, they ask a lot of personal questions prior to starting a survey, questions about religion, sexual orientation, illnesses you might have and so forth. These kind of questions are new to me. (You get 250 points if you don't qualify)

Does anyone have any experience with Family Opinions Panel? THANKS! :smile:


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Same old thing here...still a member but barely qualify for anything. And now you get 100 points if you don't qualify rather than 250. Would love to qualify for something so I can finally cash out and quit. And I am still not fond of the very personal questions asked!


Anyone have any experiences with this panel?



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