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Tellwut and their same old External Surveys


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 What is happening to this site?  I have to spend hours just trying to get one survey to credit that I haven't been DQ'd before.  I have to get two surveys a month to do any of the 5-10 point surveys everyday.  I get the YourSurvey sign-up on every other one.  If I wanted to sign up with that site, I would go there myself.  I gave Tellwut a 5-star rating a few years ago, but I can't even imagine giving them 1 star now.  How about getting new surveys and quit trying to make us spend hours on your old tired ones.  I noticed nobody is getting the emails from there anymore.  Make you wonder if they are losing employees as well as us.  I'm a few points short of what I need, then I'm gone.  There are other sites that treat me much better.

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I recently left the site simply because of this, and also their comment section, which is brutal with a capital "B."  I don't recommend it at all unless you are willing to face personal attacks on an almost daily basis...

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I too am having this problem.thought it was my chromebook. my favorite program has turned into a nightmare.seems like they upgrade the website or something but it all turned bad.

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